By: Will Burchfield

It’s been a dour season for the Tigers.

Management will be the first to admit it.

In a letter to their season-ticket holders, general manager Al Avila and vice president Duane McLean said, “We felt the time was right to reach out to you directly, before heading into the offseason. Needless to say, it’s been a difficult season. We want to win just as much as you do, and 2017 has been frustrating for all of us in the organization.”

Despite entering the campaign with the second-highest payroll in MLB, the Tigers are 18 games below .500 on the eve of September. Their playoff hopes were dashed well before the trade deadline.

They are playing out the string, before sparse crowds at Comerica Park.

It’s hard to blame the fans for staying away. On top of their poor record, the Tigers have a stale, aging roster. A makeover is in order.

Fortunately, it’s already begun:

“As you know, the franchise is transitioning into a new era, and that transition is well under way. For starters, the construction of our Major League roster is taking on a more ‘home-grown’ approach. We have committed to spending and investing significant resources in player development — programs for players, world-class facilities in Lakeland and renovations to our Dominican Academy.”

In their sell-off at the deadline, the Tigers acquired a wealth of young assets. Their payroll is still very much a problem, but it’s encouraging to see the organization place a premium on youth.

The years of splurging for big-name free agents are apparently a thing of the past:

“Going forward, we hope to make good, sound, data-driven business decision to position the ballclub for sustainable success. We will also continue our focus of providing a world class entertainment and guest experience at Comerica Park located in the heart of a thriving District Detroit. Make no mistake, we want to win for you, on and off the field.”

Read the entire letter below.

The Tigers are set to enter an important offseason, one in which they may further shake up the core of their team. Trading Justin Verlander and his $28 million annual salary seems like a priority.

  1. Al Avila talks out of both sides of his mouth. Says it isn’t a salary dump, and then says they have to try and trade Verlander and Miggy the two faces of the franchise who both will go into the Hall of Fame as Tigers. ‘Cut off your nose to spite your face’ is all this amounts to. The Tigers will lose many season ticket holders, get a lousy tv revenue package, and turn many fans off by trading the two great players.
    Who really has any confidence that Avila would get anything of value in terms of prospects for Justin or Miggy?? Look at the terrible prospect packages he got for JD and Wilson and his son.
    If that was their plan Avila should have keot his big mouth shut, like Dombrowski used to, and not told the immediate world in early 2017 that the Tigers players were all tradeable.
    No other GM in his right mind would give anything of value knowing Avila and the Tigers plan.
    Another big problem is the front office and the incompetent group that runs the scouting, drafting and player development. Dave Chadd, Dave Littlefield, Dave Owens, and Scott Pleis have been collecting paychecks for years and hardly any players come to Detroit prepared in all phases of baseball. If Chris Ilitch had a pair and wants to get the Tigers back into contention, he would get rid of the clown show running the team, and put smart baseball men in charge of scouting, drafting and player development. What all this amounts to is the Tigers will be a bad baseball team for the foreseeable future years. Many fans have also voiced their concerns of these alleged baseball minds, getting good players; major league or minor league/major league ready from any trades or in future drafts.

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