YPSILANTI (WWJ) – Eastern Michigan University is removing fliers that have been posted on several buildings around campus promoting a white supremacist organization.

In a statement, the university says the fliers and the hateful, racist causes they promote run completely counter to Eastern’s core values of diversity, inclusiveness and respect.

“They also violate EMU’s policies regarding postings, and therefore are being removed as we learn of them,” university spokesperson Geoffrey Larcom said in the statement. “Similar fliers have been found at other universities in the United States.”

The fliers are for Identity Evropa, which describes itself as “a fraternal organization for people of European heritage located in the United States that engages in community building and civic engagement.”

According to the Associated Press, Identity Evropa is a northern California-based hate group that helped organize participants in Charlottesville. It is known for provoking outrage — and stirring up publicity — by putting up fliers on college campuses. The group, founded by Nathan Damigo, also has tried to grow its ranks with campus visits. A video that went viral showed Damigo punching a woman during a brawl at a rally in Berkeley, California, in April.

On its website, Identity Evriopa says it is not a supremacist group. “We are not supremacists of any kind and we reject the term ‘white supremacist’ as an anti-White pejorative used to silence anyone who dares to stand up for the legitimate interests of European Americans.”

  1. This is more fake news because a lot of white hate groups are putting up these and their posters, like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Which, by the way may have also been posted on the campus. You should do a real reporting job and catch the person doing this and question them and not jump to conclusions. I don’t support any hate groups but you are so biased in your reporting, I’m unsubscribing to you site.

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