By: Evan Jankens

Being a listener of 97.1 The Ticket, you know that our very own afternoon host Bob Wojnowski is a fan of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.

According to Mike Valenti, he’s not just a fan of the khaki-loving coach, he’s a super fan. You may as well call him a Harbaugh stan.

So imagine Wojo’s horror when during Harbaugh’s weekly press conference, he asked Harbaugh about his QB situation and if Brandon Peters would get a look at QB.

Harbaugh wasn’t a fan of the question, and even rolled his eyes at Wojo.

After the eye roll all Harbaugh had to say was, “progressing nicely” with a head shake.

Of course Valenti and his crew had plenty to say about it during their daily cross talk with Wojo, calling him a broken man, alleging his spirit had left his body and poor Wojie had no reason to go on. The bromance was over.

Here is what Wojo had to say about the situation in his Detroit News article.

Harbaugh isn’t fanning the fumes, and isn’t interested in a deep discussion about backups John O’Korn and Brandon Peters. When I asked if the quarterback competition is ongoing, even into the season, Harbaugh looked irritated and abruptly cut the line of questioning Monday.

“Wilton’s the starting quarterback,” he said, “and we’re forging on.”

As for Peters, the touted redshirt freshman who was in the early mix, Harbaugh would only say, “Progressing nicely.”

I’m a big boy (literally), and I can handle snippy responses. In a situation like this, just two games into a promising season, it’s not a surprise Harbaugh is sensitive to premature judgment. But mainly, I think he isn’t welcoming the question because there’s no easy answer and no quick fix.

I love this video so much and I may never let Wojo forget it. With all that said, do you think that Harbaugh should give Brandon Peters a shot at QB against Air Force?


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