ROMULUS (WWJ) – What is the mysterious substance that’s been sticking to cars parked at Detroit Metro Airport?

A number of travelers parked in the airport’s Blue Parking Deck said they returned to their cars after taking off for the weekend— only to find their vehicles caked with a sticky, white residue.

Airport officials are out with a statement Tuesday saying that they are aware of the issue. They know what it is, and they’re now working with customers whose cars got coated with the stuff.

“The material is water and a thin scale of calcium and magnesium salts naturally occurring in potable water,” Wayne County Airport Authority spokesman Brian Lassaline explained, in a statement. “Recent high temperatures and unfavorable winds caused the drift to land on some nearby vehicles in the airport’s Blue Deck parking structure.”

It’s unclear at this time just how many customers complained.

Lassaline said the airport has a project underway to help correct the issue and is assisting customers who may have been affected.


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