By: Will Burchfield

So, what did Jim Caldwell say on Sunday when he learned the game was over?

Not a whole lot.

The show NFL Turning Point captured the moment when official Derick Bowers explained to Caldwell that the Lions had lost by virtue of an overturned touchdown and a 10-second runoff.

It was not 32-30 Lions, with an extra point pending. It was 30-26 Falcons. Final.

“It’s going to be ruled short, we’re going to have a 10-second runoff and since you’re out of timeouts that’ll be the game,” Bowers said.

Caldwell nodded and appeared to say, “Okay.”

The Lions head coach then explained the ruling to Matthew Stafford, as Jim Bob Cooter lamented in the background, “We can’t do anything.”

“Game’s over?” Stafford asked in disbelief.

Yep. Game’s over.

Stafford then pulled his helmet over his head and turned toward the sideline.

Golden Tate, who came within inches of the game-winning touchdown, voiced his frustration with the 10-second runoff on Wednesday.

“We didn’t challenge the play, therefore we shouldn’t really be penalized for it,” he said.

Glover Quin said the same thing after the game, and Jim Caldwell said the Lions “certainly” could have gotten another play off within eight seconds, which was how much time remained on the clock when Tate was ruled down.

It’s been suggested there were actually 11 seconds left when Tate’s knee hit the turf, but it appears Caldwell did not ask the officials to review the clock.

  1. caldwell never challenges anything when there is controversy. caldwell is too passive,,if that were jim harbaugh you would see fire out there. that is why the lions continuously get walked on by the refs and the n.f.l. in general. every year the lions get robbed by the refs at least once and then you see changes in the rules because of terrible calls on the lions.

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