By @GeorgeJFox

Probably should have left sleeping dogs lie on this one Dean. You defended a weird rule and then tried to extend an olive branch with a video where you call our beloved ginger ale “Vernon’s”. Really?

“I love Detroit,” said Blandino. “Detroit, let’s make peace, let’s move forward together here.”

How about no. It’s time for you to take an L, because we’re all full up in Detroit.

The Lions took a page from the Mean Girls Day playbook and served up a tasty, “You can’t sit with us meme” to Blandino in response.

Nobody asked you Dean Blandino! The former NFL rules analyst joined the broadcast Sunday to explain how the Lions lost the game vs. Atlanta due to a controversial rule.

Blandino then took to Twitter after the game and the Lions official Twitter account took issue poking holes in the rule.

The absolutely crushing loss due to the 10 second runoff rule is now burned into every Lions fan’s memory right along with completing the process and batting the ball out of the back of the endzone.


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