Braylon Edwards To Mike Valenti: 'According to Dantonio, It's A Rivalry Game' [VIDEO]

(97.1 The Ticket) It’s on.
Former University of Michigan football star Braylon Edwards and 97.1 the host Mike Valenti faced off Thursday in the station’s MusicTown studios in Detroit on the rivalry of the week — possibly the year for some fans — Michigan vs. Michigan State.

“I’ve been watching Michigan State for the past three weeks … At first I saw a team that was pretty good,” Edwards said. “But just looking at it now, that running game can’t get anywhere.”

“This is a rivalry game, it’s a big game,” Valenti said, later adding “I think it’s going to be a nail biter.”

Edwards parried with: “According to Dantonio, it’s a rivalry game.”

Oh no, he didn’t.

In the 2004 game where Michigan had a come-from-behind overtime victory, Edwards had 11 catches for 189 yards and three touchdowns, including the game winning touchdown in overtime.

But did it give him the right to Tweet this?

“I thought your behavior on social media was terrible,” Valenti told Edwards. “Come on man you know what you did.”

“I don’t just troll, I tell the truth,” Edwards said, adding that to him State is “little brother.”

“What have you done?” Valenti said about the Michigan team. “I want to teach you something.”

Valenti talked about the Rose Bowl and the college playoffs … “It’s still a fluke play,” Edwards said.

Edwards later conceded it was a legitimate rivalry. “In this game, you’re going to go that extra mile,” he said, adding that no player wants to be the one who causes a loss to a big rival.

Mike Hart coined the term “little brother” for the Spartans after a Michigan victory in 2007 and it was considered an epic insult. But things haven’t gone the Wolverines’ way since then. They are 2-7 against Michigan State in their last nine.

In this game, Valenti said he hopes State can cobble together 13 points. “The rest, Michigan has got to give it to them.”

Michigan is the heavy favorite, but someone texted in that a night game had the word “upset” written all over it.

Valenti wouldn’t go that far, but he doesn’t necessarily think State is going to suffer a blowout either. “A lot of people are acting as if Rice is coming to town … It’s clear they are a team that puts a 60-minute effort out there,” Valenti said.


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