Harbaugh's Son Mocks Khakis, Says He's 'Scared' To See Dad On Social Media

(CBS Detroit) He’s revered, the god of University of Michigan football, the savior of the school’s great on-the-field legacy.

A self-serious man, he’s not known for his amazing sense of humor — just ask Bob Wojnowski at 97.1 The Ticket.

But his own children mock him.

Harbaugh’s oldest son James Harbaugh Jr., who is gay, did an interview with outsports.com where he talked about his dad’s “hideous” sartorial choices. He hates the khakis.

“They’re hideous! Oh God!” he said in the interview. Turns out, Harbaugh’s clothes get even worse when the cameras aren’t on, he said.

“I wish you guys could see. You see him on the field and doing interviews. But he comes home, and it’s full-on. He’s still wearing them, sometimes. And then if he ever varies from it, it will be equally as bad. He’ll have on a full-on sweatsuit, and then his Crocs with socks. There’s no better alternative. You almost want him to go back to the khakis.”

But that’s not the worst of it. The college student is also terrified of what his dad is up to on social media in those khaki wonders.

“Here’s what happens in the morning when I wake up: just like anybody, I wake up, stare at the ceiling for a minute, and then I look at my phone. I do the thing where you go through text messages and Snapchats –– whatever you want. And then I save Facebook for last, because I know every single day, when I scroll just a couple scrolls down, I’m going to see something stupid and ridiculous about my dad doing something crazy. I’m also scared to see what it’s going to be…”

On the positive side, the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance student said his dad was very encouraging when he came out to him last year in the wake of the tumultuous political election.

See the full interview HERE.


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