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comp About CBS 62CBS 62 signed on the air December 11, 1994. In December, the Detroit market experienced an unprecedented affiliate switch. WJBK-TV, then the CBS station in Detroit, switched affiliations to the Fox network, leaving the Detroit market without a CBS station. To assure continued availability of the popular CBS network programming, the company acquired WGPR-TV, a low powered UHF station, broadcasting primarily religious and locally produced programming. WGPR-TV became WWJ-TV, and Detroit’s 62/CBS was born. CBS 62 was and is the only CBS Network Owned and Operated UHF station in the country. The state-of-the art studios and production facility was located in Stroh River Place, downtown Detroit.

In the early years, 62/CBS broadcast network programming and nationally syndicated programming like “Seinfeld,” “Mad About You,” and “Hollywood Squares.” Through the years, various locally-produced programs have been aired by the station, such as “In Depth: Detroit,” a locally produced newsmagazine, the Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival, Fash Bash, Detroit Marathon, Town Meetings, NCAA basketball and Detroit Lions sports specials.

In 1999, Detroit’s 62/CBS increased its power from 800,000 watts to 5 million watts. With the construction of a new tower and the increased wattage, CBS 62 became the most powerful television station in Detroit, broadcasting from one of the tallest towers in the state of Michigan.

CBS 62 is part of the CBS Television Stations Group (as is sister station WKBD), one of the largest broadcast groups in the country. Locally, CBS 62 and WKBD-TV operate as one of a number of “duopoly” markets in the United States. In 2001, CBS 62 moved their offices and production facilities into WKBD-TV’s facilities in Southfield.

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