My Celebrity Big Brother Dream CastAs we wait to hear who's officially going to get cast for this upcoming season I thought it would be a perfect time to make a wishlist cast of celebrities I would love to see in the Big Brother house this winter.
'Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers' Premiere: What To ExpectIt's September again and you know what that means! One of the best reality TV shows is back for another season!
Survivor Game Changers: Episode Seven Recap - Two Hour MergeI can't believe it's already halfway through the season -- which only means one thing; the merge.
Survivor: Game Changers - Episode Two Recap - The GOATWhat'd you think of this week's episode of Survivor Game Changers? This week had consisted of an early tribe swap, idol searches, and even goat chasing... yes, actual goats.
Survivor Millennials Vs. Gen X Episode Nine Recap: Secrets RevealedThe drama has stirred up since the merge! This week's episode was all about payback and ultimate consequences.
Another Election This Week: Car And Truck Of The YearWWJ AutoBeat reporter Jeff Gilbert explains and defends his choices.
Survivor Millennials Vs. Gen X Episode Seven Recap: Series of EventsIt may not have been as big of a battle between the Cubs and the Indians, but boy was this episode a Series!
Survivor Millennials Vs. Gen X Episode Six Recap: On The Edge Of My SeatSurvivor is finally getting spicy! This week's episode had me on the edge of my seat while watching Tribal Council.
Big Brother Season 18 Episode 24: Double Eviction NightAfter the POV ceremony, Michelle went to work in trying to save herself in this game
Big Brother Season 18 Episode 22 Recap: Meet The ExecutivesIt's an even playing field with five guys and five girls remaining in the Big Brother house.
Big Brother Season 18 Episode 19 Recap: Friendship PowerAfter Frank's eviction and Julie revealing his one-way ticket, the power was back up for grabs as HOH. America's Care Package recipient was revealed. There seems to be a new target the house wants gone, or at least for a few of the houseguests. But first here's my recap of last night's episode.
Big Brother Season 18 Episode 18: The Secret’s OutThe secret room was discovered; the twist to the room revealed and Julie announces how we can have an influence to the game.

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