Medicare Part C: Medicare Advantage Plans

Anne Osmer Reporting Anyone facing signing up for Medicare knows – or should know – there are some important decisions you may need to make.  One of those decisions is what kind of plan to […]


Medicare Coverage And Footwear For Diabetics

Anne Osmer Reporting Did you know that if you have diabetes you might qualify for therapeutic shoes or inserts? Many diabetics suffer from poor circulation that can lead to foot sores and ulcers, decreased sensitivity, […]


Look Out For Health Insurance Scams

Pat Sweeting Reporting Medicare recipients are being warned to be on the lookout for shady salesmen trying to get you to sign-up for phony supplemental health insurance.


Nearing 65? Start Thinking About Medicare Now

Anne Osmer Reporting If you are less than six months away from turning 65, you need to start thinking about enrolling in Medicare.  Sorting through your options can take some time depending on what your […]


Home Health Care: What Medicare Covers

Anne Osmer Reporting With the U.S. population rapidly aging, the use of home health care services continues to increase. The good news is that Medicare will pay for many of these services. Taking advantage of home health […]


Michigan’s New Estate Recovery Law: What You Need To Know

Anne Osmer Reporting   Estate recovery, the recouping of assets by the state to pay for nursing home and in-home care costs paid by Medicaid, will take effect in Michigan for the first time.   […]