Driving While On THC: Michigan Court Rules In Favor Of Medical Marijuana Patient

If you toke up for medical reasons, then later drive, are you driving while impaired?

WWJ Newsradio 950–05/21/2013

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Legislation Aims To Curb Elder Abuse In Michigan

Citing the abuse of an estimated 80,000 Michigan senior citizens, the state Senate today introduced a series of bills that would toughen the penalties for those convicted of committing fraud on the elderly.

WWJ Newsradio 950–06/15/2011

Retirement Plans Are Changing

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What Documents Do I Need?

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Know Your Rights! Legal Assistance Hotline Helps Michigan Seniors

Anne Osmer Reporting Sharon Gire, director of the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging, does not like getting calls like the one she received recently. The woman on the other end of the line […]


Elder Rights Summit Seeks To Integrate Senior Legal Services Into Aging Programs

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Long-term Care Insurance

Nancy Nall Reporting What do you pay for peace of mind? Let’s put it this way: It doesn’t come cheap. Many older adults, facing the prospect of long-term nursing care, look around for ways to […]


Michigan’s New Estate Recovery Law: What You Need To Know

Anne Osmer Reporting   Estate recovery, the recouping of assets by the state to pay for nursing home and in-home care costs paid by Medicaid, will take effect in Michigan for the first time.   […]


Getting Started: Planning Legal

Nancy Nall Reporting Legal issues for older people aren’t just about wills and estates anymore. With people living longer and leading more complicated lives, a lot of issues that used to be taken for granted […]