Technology in Education

Students of the Hondsrug college use iPa

Taking Notes ‘On The Cloud’

Cloud note-taking services allow busy students to stay organized by synchronizing their notes online through companies such as SpringPad, Evernote, SimpleNote and Microsoft OneNote.

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Cloud Storage Services: Great For College Students

Cloud Storage services, such as Dropbox, allow college students to easily store and share documents, photos, videos and other types of files over the internet – easing the way they communicate and learn in school.

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Finding Stuff Is Fun! (And Educational)

Finding good math activities for the summer is a tough task. But one activity that involves numbers will surely get kids involved

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Nifty Science Stuff Online

Good internet resources about science for teachers, parents and kids can be hard to come by. To make it easier for people to find the information they need for school or for their own knowledge, the Verizon foundation has funded “Thinkfinity,” a collection of websites that includes Science Netlinks.

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YouTube Hosts Educational Clips

YouTube, the internet video service that has captivated the world has launched a new webpage where it hosts videos having to do with topics taught in schools and universities.

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A Major Decision!

Finding a major is one of the biggest challenges that students face, before and during college.



Science + Mystery = Pretty Fun Stuff

If you have a kid interested in science and technology, or want to get your child more interested in the topics, Dragonfly TV might be the perfect show.


Meet The Man Behind The Light Bulb

If you have a future inventor in your house, you may want to feed that imagination with a trip to the Henry Ford.

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Start Your Scholarship Search This Summer

Of all the math students and families do, some of the most challenging is adding up how to pay for college.

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Tips: Best Apps For Kids

Touch-screen technology makes many new gadgets for kids to use. However, many app sites are not really good places to let kids shop, as adult and kid applications are intermingled.

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