Technology in Education


CES: FoneGear Becomes Fuse, Rolls Out New Toys

The Rochester Hills-based electronic accessory firm foneGear LLC has introduced a new brand, called Fuse. The Fuse brand of accessories for all small electronics will replace multiple foneGear brands.



Consider The ‘Cost Of Cool’

Marketers have targeted kids as consumers for years, knowing that they will bug their parents for purchases

WWJ Newsradio 950–12/20/2010

The Future Of Computers

The computer of the future for today’s kids might not really be a computer at all.


Technology Scavenger Hunt

An easy activity to show kids the range of technology that is all around them at home, at school, or on a trip is a technology scavenger hunt.


College With The Click Of A Mouse

 In the past five years, the online tools to create college applications have exploded, leaving almost no reason to ever mail a paper application.


High-tech Geography Lessons

Geography has changed as a subject since you were in school. While students a generation ago memorized state capitals to learn geography, technology has changed the way students learn the subject today.


Technology Of The Past Comes Alive

Kids growing up in 2010 often have little notion of what technology was like before they were born. For kids who grew up with a cell phone in their pocket, a laptop at school, and […]


Virtual College Search

Students are more technologically savvy than ever, and colleges are struggling to keep up with high school students’ expectations for a college website.


More Of The College App Process Found Online

More and more of the college search and application is going online, and there is less and less paperwork involved in the process.


Take A Virtual Trip Back In Time

Mythology and ancient civilizations captures the imagination of many young people. Combining ancient history and modern technology, the British Museum has created a website to show kids what it would be like to live a […]