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5 Ways to Illuminate Your Backyard

Backyards should come alive during the summer, especially at night. Check out these ideas for lightening it up.


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8 Ways To Cool Down Your Home Without Air Conditioning

Think an air conditioner is the only way to keep your home cool? Think again.


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10 Things To Do To Your Home Before Going On Vacation

Make sure you get a few things around your home in order prior to departure.


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5 Questions to Ask Your Realtor Before Buying Your First Home

Knowing the right questions to ask at the start could save you time and stress later on.


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Money Saver: 5 Tips To Cut Energy Costs This Summer

Just because summer is the hottest season, does not mean you have to pay extra to the energy companies.


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BBQ Safety: 5 Ways To Avoid Backyard Danger

Being the master of a grill is an awesome title, but do you know how to cook and be safe?


Residential Home Deck

Residential Deck Safety And Inspection Checklist

Learn more about deck safety and what to look at when inspecting a residential deck.

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Decks: Wood, Composite Or …?

The last decades have witnessed many options available for backyard decks. Learn which material is right for you.

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Asbestos: Learn The Risks & Fix

Asbesto-based building materials are hazardous when broken up or disturbed.