Christopher L. Van Dan Elzen

chris van dan elzen Christopher L. Van Dan ElzenGlobal Product Director
Machine Vision Systems
Magna Electronics

Chris Van Dan Elzen has been working with Magna Electronics since May of 2008 and is the Global Product Director for the Machine Vision business. As Director, Chris is responsible for profitable strategy and development of driver assistance features derived from using a camera as a sensor.
Mr. Van Dan Elzen has been working in the area of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems since 1997. Operating in a global capacity for the past 15 years, he is a strong history of leading teams to develop and launch advanced features based on cameras, radar and lidar.
His prior positions include:
• Chrysler: Transmission Control Product Engineer
• Automotive Distance Control Systems, GmbH: Manager of North American Projects
• Iteris: Product Line Manager for the automotive machine vision group

Chris holds:
Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan
Master of Science in Engineering from Oakland University
• Artificial Intelligence and Control Systems
Three Bachelor of Science in Engineering degrees in Engineering from Oakland University
• Electrical Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Robotic Systems Engineering

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