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Simply known as “The Palace” to locals, it’s a favorite venue of basketball fans. With few bad seats, the spectator experience is top notch and the management keeps the facility immaculately clean. The major drawback that most Detroiter’s admit is the location. At 45 minutes from downtown, it’s a bit of a hike, but Piston’s fans say “it’s worth it.”

Besides basketball the venue has played host to just about every major musical act including Led Zeppelin and Van Halen in the early years and Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban recently. Sting was the first concert to play at The Palace in 1988.

palace pistons 81076222 10 420x316 Guide To The Palace: Home Of The Pistons

(credit: D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

Food & Drink

One of the better points of visiting The Palace is the food. It’s not cheap, but you get some quality and tasty stuff. Highlighted Specialty foods include Fajitas and Quesadillas, Garden Burgers, Made-to-order Deli Sandwiches and Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Sanders Hot Fudge Sundaes, Sanders Bumpy Cake

The Palace Grille is open 2 hours prior to all Pistons Games and offers a diverse selection of continental and Mediterranean cuisine.

Reservations are recommended. Call (248) 377-8454 or email

Coming and Going

The traffic signals surrounding The Palace are controlled by the FAST-TRAC system which is one of the most advanced Intelligent Traffic Systems in the world.

There are four main entrances to The Palace parking lot. Traffic lights on Lapeer Road are turned on during this time to allow the safest and quickest entry.

Driving Directions: Easily accessible off I-75 at Lapeer Road (M-24) in Auburn Hills, Michigan (Exit 81). Also accessible from Exits 79 (University Drive) and 83 (Joslyn Road). Signs showing directions to The Palace are posted from all three exits.

Exit 83 is Hassle Free! Exit on Joslyn Road (Exit 83) and make a right. Make an immediate right onto Harmon Road (signs are posted).

Entrances: Two entrances off Lapeer Road (M-24), north of I-75, one entrance off the I-75 interchange (accessible from Northbound Lapeer Road), and one entrance off Harmon Road (on the North border of the property).

Dropping off and Picking Up:
You can get your parking fee refunded if you are simply dropping someone off, but don’t wait around too long, refunds are only available for a short time and at the attendants discretion.

Parking Charges:
All Detroit Pistons Home Games
$10.00 per car
$20.00 per limo
$40.00 per bus or RV

Concert Parking
$15.00 per car
$30.00 per limo
$60.00 per bus or RV

Departing The Palace: After Pistons games and large events, The Palace parking lot is divided into sections. Each section is directed to the nearest exit drive. This plan is strictly enforced in order to provide the safest and quickest departure to all guests. You might not be able to exit the same way you entered the lot, but ALL DRIVES LEAD TO I-75!

palace pistons 81953763 10 420x316 Guide To The Palace: Home Of The Pistons

(credit: Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)


Check out the current event listings including Monster Trucks, Pistons, concerts and comedy at

Guest Services

ATMs: For the convenience of our guests there are Automated Teller Machines located at The Palace of Auburn Hills. PNC Bank ATMs are located behind sections 104, 110 & 117 on the main concourse.

First Aid: At all events a doctor and nurse are available courtesy of POH Medical Center for medical treatment. Please contact your host/hostess or report to the east or west Guest Services office for assistance.

Service you wouldn’t expect:
Parking services will help you change a tire or jump start your car provided as a courtesy by either Waterford Towing Co. and/or Palace Parking Managers.
You can buy fresh roses at most concerts.

Disabled Services: When needing to purchase tickets for disabled seating, please contact the Palace Box Office at (248) 377-0154 or TTD at (248) 377-0188.

Happy Birthday/Scoreboard Messages: Birthday and anniversary greetings may be put on the Palacevision screen for Detroit Pistons home games with a donation to the Pistons-Palace Foundation. Please call at least 1 week in advance (248) 377-8680.

Tours:  Call the Guest Services department at (248) 377-8666. Tours typically include viewing the arena, locker rooms, luxury suites, Hall of Fame, and more! Cameras are welcome. Tours usually last approximately 1 1/2 hours. The cost is $5.00 for children and $7.00 for adults.

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(credit: Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)


Surprise item you can bring in: Banners
Guests can bring in a banner as long as it’s in “good taste” and doesn’t have any sticks or poles attached to it.

Surprise item you’ll have to leave home:
I guess some people wouldn’t be surprised, but alcohol is not allowed in the parking lot due to local township laws even though tailgating is allowed in the parking lot 3 hours prior to game start. Bummer…

Cameras: The camera policy varies from show to show. The Palace does not have a policy prohibiting cameras: however, many artists do. When an artist requests a ‘no camera’ policy, it will be adhered to by the Palace staff.

For full details on The Palace visit

  1. Kyle Gonyer says:

    We all love Rip Hamilton and the benching is getting ridiculous. The coach, John K….whats his name again…has done nothing for us. He stinks. Rip only brought us a championship. Get that idiot out of there and let Rip coach. And Joe D….we love you too but come on man…this team is horrible. Can we do something about this please!!!!!!

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