Jonathan Citrin – Founder & CEO, CitrinGroup

bio jcitrin 100x125 Jonathan Citrin – Founder & CEO, CitrinGroupJonathan Citrin founded CitrinGroup in 2003 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Citrin is Chairman of CitrinGroup’s Investment Advisory Board, and is an Adjunct Faculty of Finance at Wayne State University’s School of Business Administration, where his classes include Security Analysis, Investment Policies, Corporate Finance, and International Finance. In addition to this work, Mr. Citrin serves on the International Business Advisory Board of Eastern Michigan University and the Investor-Leadership Council of the Michigan Economic Center.

Mr. Citrin received his B.A. from Tulane University and his M.A. from New York University. Before entering the investment industry, he worked as an educator in both New York and Texas. Prior to forming CitrinGroup, Mr. Citrin managed investment portfolios at Morgan Stanley and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

Mr. Citrin differentiated himself by managing portfolios through process notproduct. He understood the groupthink mentality in today’s financial industry and knew that constantly questioning the norm and approaching finance from both theory and practice would yield better opportunity for all. Ultimately, to properly frame his ideology, Mr. Citrin developed an expertise in both market fundamentals and behavioral finance — crafting his belief of “idealism in financial markets” and his “infinite perspectives” approach to asset management. He has devoted his career to and become known for his capacity as a financial theorist; his assessment of the global economic environment through an important new paradigm creates awareness and impact to both portfolios and policy.

Combining his passions for theory and business, Mr. Citrin has written, spoken, and taught for many years. He is often featured in the media for his insight on economic, investment, and entrepreneurial related topics. Mr. Citrin not only offers guidance in an enlightened sense, he invokes curiosity and leaves audiences motivated and excited for more. His appetite to encourage and educate for a better future is contagious.

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