Roma Cafe

3401 Riopelle St Detroit, MI 48207 (313) 831-5940
Hours Mon - Sun 11:00 am - 10:30 pm
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Too many tables cramped together, egg plant parmagane the worst I ever had! Bad service!
October 09, 2003

must try

Roma is italian dining at is most pure. The ingredients are fresh the food is good , classical italian food. some other reveiws may say it is cramped, or the food is overdone, but it is a place with atmoshpere. I've took freinds and family there never any complaints about space or food being overcooked. As for the wait staff , they are well informed, groomed and the utmost professional. Each waiter mixes their antipasta salad differently, but it is always wonderful. A good time had by all, everytime. you just need to know good food when you see it
July 08, 2003


More expensive than your average Italian restaurant, but well worth it. Quite possibly the best Italian restaurant in the Detroit area! Wide variety of entrees from your standard pasta dishes, to a number of veal dishes, polenta, and even the unusual such as sweetbreads. Excellent minestrone and house salad. Top notch wait staff - very prompt and informative about the menu and wine selections.
May 30, 2003


I have taken clients there a few times and had decent service but the food was a litle old hat. The pastas were always over cooked and unexciting.
December 04, 2002

Not So Secret

I have had some good dinners here. I don't know how much of a ""secret"" Roma Cafe is after over 100 years of service, but if it is, they have a serious P.R. problem. I find the service here very good and the food about average. I would eat there if I was in the area for other reasons.
December 02, 2002


The Best Kept Secret in Detroit. The building is 110 years old.
November 30, 2002

Italian Home Cooking

Wonderful food, excellent service and a warm environment. The Paglio e fini is excellent as are the fresh fish items, the veal, pastas.
October 09, 2002

Old Style Amer-Ital

One of the better of the old style American-Italian restaurants. Food can be good but not exciting. Service is OK.
September 29, 2002

Time warp

Like a blast from the past. I know this place is the favorite of many people but it's time to wake up, it's a new millenium. There are so many exciting things happening in Italy's culinary world today besides tomato sauce. The war is over but the food remains the same.
September 13, 2002

best of the best

Anyone who enjoys good Italian food with a passion for mama's home cooking will enjoy this Detroit gem hidden away in Eastern Market.
August 28, 2002
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