e) Doug Karsch

dougkarsch2 e) Doug Karsch
Born in Champaign, Illinois, Karsch started working at The Ticket (then WXYT-AM) in February 2001. Doug started his career at WEYI TV-25 in Clio, Michigan, but his career started taking off in 1994. During that year, Doug made his radio debut on WTKA 1050 in Ann Arbor and worked there until joining WXYT-AM.

Karsch can also be seen on Fox Sports Net & serves as host for the Michigan Football Pre-Game Show & as in-game sideline reporter. During his sports career, Karsch has hosted ESPN College Football Tailgate on ESPN Radio and hosted post-game coverage from the Rose Bowl lockeroom following Michigan’s national championship victory over Washington State.

Karsch also anchored pre-game coverage for U of M basketball and pre and post race coverage of NASCAR and CART races from MIS. Doug is a graduate of Michigan State University in the field of communication. He enjoys various sports, which includes mountain biking, basketball, hockey and softball.

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Doug Karsch: David Brandon Must Be Pleased

Michigan Athletic Director David Brandon was asked if he wanted a defensive minded coach when he was looking for a replacement for Rich Rodriguez.


Doug Karsch: Lions Have Their Swagger Back

It was good to see the Lions get their swagger back Sunday in Denver!


Is This Doug Karsch Photo Bombing The Fox Sports Detroit Girls?

For the past few years I’ve noticed in some random pictures that occasionally there is a guy who looks like Doug Karsch. It could be the Little Caesers mascot.


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While the Lions are improved — they are not so improved that a loss is stunning. It is expected.


Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz

Doug Karsch: Some Incredible Lions Stats

Bears’ false start-palooza and stats that indicate great halftime adjustments by Schwartz and his staff.


Doug Karsch: A Critical Game For Dantonio

This is a hugely critical game for Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio who’s accomplished something that hasn’t happened since the 60’s — he beat Michigan three straight times.


Doug Karsch: How Quickly We Forget

The Doom and Gloomers are out in full force going into tonight’s game 5. The Tigers looked awful in Game 4. But that’s baseball – think about the difference between winning Game 4 and losing.


Doug Karsch: Lions Are Acting Like A Great Team

You can only act like a great team for so long before you need to be acknowledged … as a great team.


Doug Karsch: A Horrible Celebration

I have seen bad celebrations before — but this one takes the cake. Why do I feel somewhere a lawyer is thinking, “you got a case!” Michael Boley may have this worst celebration known to man, well, at least according to one person.


Doug Karsch: It’s Time For Delany To Step Up

It’s time Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney do something other than try and defend all that is Ohio State football.



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