Jamie Samuelsen

Jamie Samuelsen is the co-host of the “Jamie and Stoney Show” that airs weekdays at 6 PM on 97.1 “The Ticket” – the #1 rated radio station in Detroit. His blogs appear three times a week in the Detroit Free Press. Jamie is also part of the broadcast team for WJBK (Fox2) TV’s Football Sunday show that analyzes the Detroit Lions on game day. He appears monthly on Fox2’s Sunday Sports Works show roundtable segments.

Jamie signed on to WDFN in 1994. For more than 10 years, Jamie was part of every sports fan’s morning routine; first as the co-host of WDFN’s morning show, then as the Sports Director on the top-rated “Mike in the Morning Show” on 101 WRIF and finally as the co-host of the WCSX Morning Show with radio legend Ken Calvert.

Jamie has covered dozens of major sporting events including the Super Bowl, the World Series, The Stanley Cup Finals, the NBA Finals, the Final Four, the US Open, The Ryder Cup, and the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

Jamie was born and raised in Lafayette, California outside of San Francisco. He graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in communications.

Jamie resides in Oakland County with his wife, television news anchor/reporter Christy McDonald and his children Caroline (7), Josh (5) and Catherine (2).

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A Pivotal Night In Tigers History

Yesterday in this very space, I told Tiger fans to be calm.

97.1 The Ticket–10/11/2012

Tigers Still Control This Series

Playoff baseball wouldn’t be playoff baseball without some peaks and valleys.

97.1 The Ticket–10/10/2012

Jamie And Wojo Friday Football Festival – Week Five

Historians have spent nearly a decade analyzing the Great Depression of 1929. Economists today are still trying to come to terms with the economic downturn of 2008.

97.1 The Ticket–10/05/2012

Trout Or Cabrera – The Great Debate

Now that the Tigers have finished off the AL Central, we can start to focus on the issue that really matters.

97.1 The Ticket–10/02/2012

Linehan Deserves Some Heat Too

Prior to the Titans game, I would argue that 90 percent of the Lions fans couldn’t name the special teams coach if you spotted them the Danny and the Cross.

97.1 The Ticket–10/02/2012

Goddell Is Turning The NFL Into A Joke

Here’s something that you don’t hear sports media types say very often.

97.1 The Ticket–09/25/2012

Jamie And Wojo Football Festival – Week 3

Let’s sum up what we’ve learned so far with nearly a month of actual football under our belts.

97.1 The Ticket–09/21/2012

Lions Lose Identity In Loss To 49ers

Tigers manager Jim Leyland has justifiably been raked over the coals this season for some bizarre lineup decisions and some questionable in-game moves.

97.1 The Ticket–09/17/2012

Verlander Supports Cabrera For MVP, But Is It Time To Worry About Awards?

I doubt many Tigers fans care about the postseason awards right now. They care instead about the postseason.

97.1 The Ticket–09/12/2012

Tweetgate – Michigan State Is On Top. Now They Have To Act Like It

The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry is nastier than it’s ever been. There’s no debate about that.

97.1 The Ticket–09/04/2012

Free Dirks. Again.

Baseball fans are girding their loins for the Tigers-White Sox series this weekend at Comerica Park.

97.1 The Ticket–08/28/2012

Tiger Fans Don’t Fully Appreciate Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera may be the best hitter in baseball.

97.1 The Ticket–08/16/2012

Sports Can Be Boring. Here’s A Way To Make Them Better.

Two sports stories caught my eye in the last 24 hours.

97.1 The Ticket–08/09/2012

Jalen Rose: Don’t Call Olympic Gymnasts The ‘Fab Five’

“To use the nickname just points and screams of lazy journalism by the national media, that’s really what it is,” Rose said.

97.1 The Ticket–08/07/2012

Jalen Rose: Don’t Call The Olympic Gymnasts The “Fab Five”

Jalen Rose wants it to be very clear. He loves the US Olympic Team.

97.1 The Ticket–08/06/2012

Please – No Whining About The Rain Game

On SportsCenter, ESPN normally has a rundown that they put along the lefthand side of the screen.

97.1 The Ticket–08/01/2012

The Myth Of August

Football is back!

97.1 The Ticket–07/27/2012

The Very Best Coach In All Of Sports Is…

It seems like every time I look at a TV these days, I see Nick Saban.

97.1 The Ticket–07/25/2012

Is Victor Martinez’s Leadership Important To The Tigers? NO!

It’s been an interesting few days for the Tigers.

97.1 The Ticket–07/17/2012

Does Justin Verlander’s Relationship Matter?

If Verlander were dating a random woman from St. Clair Shores, it wouldn’t really matter. But the moment he chose to date (allegedly) Kate Upton, one of the most popular supermodels on the planet, things changed.

97.1 The Ticket–07/11/2012

NFL In Awe Of Calvin

Lions fans all know how good Calvin Johnson is. They’ve known it for quite a while. But last season, it seemed like the rest of the country finally caught on.

97.1 The Ticket–06/29/2012

If The Supreme Court Ruled On Sports

Earlier today, the Supreme Court came out with a quiet little ruling on health care. Odds are that you missed it, because compared to the struggles of Ryan Raburn, it really doesn’t amount to very much.

97.1 The Ticket–06/28/2012

If I Had To Pick One Detroit Athlete To Start A Franchise, I’d Pick…

It’s nice, every now and then, to stop and take stock of what you have.

97.1 The Ticket–06/19/2012

Lions’ Jahvid Best Talks New Season And Old Injury With Samuelsen

The Detroit Lions’ third year running back Jahvid Best sat down with Jamie Samuelson Friday to talk about the 2012/13 season.


These Games Are On Way Too Late

My morning routine never changes.

97.1 The Ticket–06/12/2012

Detroit Needs A Sports Villain

I heard the news the other day that former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda suffered a minor heart attack in New York City.

97.1 The Ticket–06/07/2012

As Long As We’re Ripping The Tigers – Let’s Not Forget Dombrowski

Jim Leyland is getting a lot of heat. Most of it is deserved.

97.1 The Ticket–06/05/2012

Ken Holland – THIS Is Your Close-Up

It’s been said many times that Ken Holland is the best GM in hockey and one of the best in sports.

97.1 The Ticket–05/31/2012

Baseball Needs Instant Replay Now!

Well, there’s one way to get accountability for the umpires. And it’s pretty damn simple.

97.1 The Ticket–05/29/2012

The Massacre In Cleveland – By The Numbers

Here are some of the ugly numbers from the Indians three game sweep.

97.1 The Ticket–05/24/2012



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