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Jeff Riger, has often been asked, “Why are you like this?” Simply put, Jeff Riger was forged by sweat, honed by determination and haunted by a Diet Coke addiction. Guided by a keen sense of smell, Jeff Riger knew that his gift of talking a lot would lead him to a career in radio.

Jeff Riger began his journey from humble beginnings. He studied at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. After graduation he began his career at WPON 1460AM as a member of the “Triple Threat” radio show. After interning at WTKA in Ann Arbor and WWJ in Detroit, he got his first full-time job at WMLM in Alma, MI. In 2002 Jeff came back to Detroit and started working at WXYT-AM. Citing temporary insanity and a peculiar fascination with learning the origins of Bernie Brewer, Jeff ventured briefly to WSSP in Milwaukee. Satisfied with what he learned, Jeff returned home to Detroit, and now works full time at WXYT AM/FM.

For those of you new to the story of Jeff Riger, some of his career highlights include covering the 2008 Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Championship, Super Bowl XL in Detroit, the Detroit Tigers’ run for the 2006 World Series, the Pistons World Championship in 2004 and many other sporting events too numerous to mention. Jeff ‘s most recent memorable moment was obtaining exclusive interviews from umpire Jim Joyce after his admitted bad call cost the Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game on June 2, 2010.

When he is not hanging out with his beautiful wife Alison, Jeff has been known to consult his trusted advisers Tram and Lou on what it means to be Detroit. Of course, Tram and Lou are his cats, and Alison is originally from Cleveland, but who can judge?

You can hear Jeff on the weekends and also during and after Detroit Red Wing games.

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