g) Mike Valenti

mike valenti g) Mike ValentiValenti moved to Michigan at 17 and never looked back. A graduate of Michigan State University, Valenti has been a force in the Detroit market since hitting the airwaves 5 years ago. Opinionated, knowledgeable, and always self deprecating, Valenti is the fans voice.

Other basics, Mike is the resident sports geek, watching more sports than anyone and never apologizing for it. When he’s not spinning the dish, Valenti is an avid cook, reader, and beer aficionado.

Mike currently lives in Royal Oak and is frequently seen downtown not only at sporting events but just hanging out in the D.

Quick Hits

• Holds best Spartan tailgate each college football Saturday.
• Has a fear of children…could also be described as disdain.
• Loves English Bulldogs.
• Reads all emails, no exceptions.
• Avid traveler visits at least 4 new cities a year, usually leaves country at least once.

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Mike Valenti’s Wednesday Watchers 10-17-12

Last week Mike Valenti went 3-2 with his weekend football predictions, saying “We can hold our head a little higher, back-to-back winning weeks.”


FIFA 13 Review: Fist Pumps Are International

You either get it or you don’t.


Roushar Redux

I’m keeping this short. Most of you know my disdain for MSU Offensive Coordinator Dan Roushar.


Mike Valenti’s Wednesday Watchers 9-26-12

Last week Mike went 2-3 with his picks. Mike is 7-13 for the season.


Mike Valenti’s Wednesday Watchers 9-19-12

Mike Valenti said: “I’m sure MSU’s offense isn’t capable of scoring over 40.”


Mike Valenti Reviews Madden 13

Ah, Madden. The Franchise title for the ages. The cornerstone of all sports gaming.


Valenti Takes On Fantasy Football Strategies

“It’s all about give me the most impactful guys, but it has to be in the right spots,” Mike Valenti said.


Fantasy Football Rookie Edition: Who’s Got Luck?

“Who’s more ready to play right now? Who’s more ready to call an offense?” Mike Valenti said about his fantasy football pick. ‘Who’s used to that? It’s Luck … You can play Luck this year.”


Valenti And Foster: One-On-One With Matthew Stafford

Mike Valenti and Terry Foster went head-to-head with Detroit Lions starting quarterback Matthew Stafford on Monday.


Valenti Predicts Green Bay’s Nelson Is A ‘Bust’

Valenti said Nelson will get “8 to 10 touchdowns” this year.


Mike Valenti’s Fantasy Football Picks

Mike Valenti, host of the Valenti & Foster show, and a fantasy fanatic broke down his fantasy draft list for those in attendance at the Fantasy Football Convention at Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak. Here it is.


Mike Valenti’s Take On The Ben Gordon Trade

Simple, no frills, here we go…


Hopes, Dreams And Reality…

THE DREAM: Feeling pressure from owner Tom Gores and fans Joe Dumars makes a bold, costly and certainly risky move by trading into the Top 4 to get Kentucky SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.


Villanueva Plays The Blame Game

I’ll keep this short and sweet; I don’t like Charlie Villanueva on twitter, on the court or in a Pistons uniform.


Lions President Tom Lewand: “Suspensions Are Likely … “

“There has to be accountability, there will be accountability,” said Detroit Lions’ Tom Lewand.


Mike Valenti Plays The Blame Game

Well today ought to be fun. The Tigers lose again to the hapless Mariners and there are several people who can play fall guy. Perfect. Take it away Terry…


Totally Clueless Lions Draft Preview

Simply put anyone who tells you they know who the Lions will select is a liar.


Mike Valenti: Game 4 Previews Red Wings Of 2013

As far as tonight deciding the future of the Wings it’s very simple. Lose and this series is likely over. That would be three straight early playoff exits and full 4-years since hoisting the Cup. In other words, it’s over.


Mike Valenti: “I Want Blood”

I want blood. I know, I know, “That won’t happen Valenti, Wings don’t and won’t do it” but I don’t care!


Truly Awful: A Blog By Mike Valenti

So what do we do with Anthony Davis? What is he? Where will he play? What does he project into? It’s not nearly as simple as many believe. Let’s have a chat.


Mike Valenti’s Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

I know you’ve all waiting for this…or not. Here are some simple assumptions for this blog.


What Do You Think Of Valenti’s Seat At The Breslin?

Mike Valenti went to the Michigan State vs. Ohio State this past Saturday and didn’t have the best seat in the house.


Mike Valenti’s Recipe For Buffalo Chicken Dip

Today Doug Karsch committed a sin. Douglas admitted he had never tried Buffalo Chicken Dip for the Super Bowl or any other sports party.


Mike Valenti: Sometimes Simplicity Is Best (Update)

Matt Dery’s sources tell him that the Pistons have not offered Stuckey “Mike Conley” money.


Mike Valenti: The BCS Is Nothing More Than A Corrupt Money Machine

Not gonna lie. I’m salty. It’s Monday and I’m in an anti-BCS mood.


Recap: Live Chat With Mike Valenti

Mike Valenti from the Valenti and Foster show blogged with Detroit sports fans Tuesday. Here’s a recap.


Mike Valenti And Marcus Ray Talk Michigan/Michigan State

Earlier this week Marcus Ray talked to the Detroit News about his hate for Michigan State and he doesn’t respect the program.


Mike Valenti: Rivalry Chatter

“Man screw you Valenti” or “LIES ALL LIES YOU LOVE THIS!!!!!!”
The simple answer is, I used to love it. I used to live and die by it. In many ways this rivalry ran my sporting life.


Wednesday Watchers: Titanic Edition 9-21-11

How does the song go? “I’m sorry…so sorry. That I made your life a mess and I’m being such a pest…I’m sorry.”


Valenti Live Chat Recap

Mike Valenti of the Valenti & Foster show held a live chat with Detroit sports fans at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. Here’s a recap:




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