Paul Snider

(credit: George Fox/CBS Detroit)

(credit: George Fox/CBS Detroit)

I’m one of the fortunate few in life in that I’m doing exactly what I wanted to do growing up.

Always wanted to be on the radio, never television (see accompanying “face for radio” photo)..

An instructor advised me to stop trying to be a disc jockey and concentrate on news, and, well, here I am. Being on the air five nights a week on the only all-news station in my hometown is a great gig and I’ll never take it for granted.

When I’m not working I like being with my family, my wife, Coby, our four adult children and (so far) two grandchildren. I like running and bicycling when the weather’s good, exercising indoors when it’s not. I enjoy music (all kinds), movies and reading. Baseball and hockey are my favorite sports. I love sunshine and warm weather; you can have winter.

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