Roberta Jasina

(credit: George Fox/CBS Detroit)

(credit: George Fox/CBS Detroit)

That sounds so impersonal. Let’s get personal for a moment. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a native Detroiter…and proud of it.

I was born here. I lived on Detroit’s lower east side for 25 years (Ashland Avenue). I graduated from Servite High School. I graduated from Michigan State University. I’m married to a man I met at MSU…We worked together in the kitchen at Shaw Hall.

He is a history buff, and an expert on the American Civil War. He loves history so much that we live in a house built in 1856. (We’ve got the plumbing to prove it). Our family vacations usually involve touring some battlefield. My favorite is Antietam. We have two wonderful little boys.

Next to God and my family, WWJ is my life. It is a wonderfully vibrant and exciting place to work…always something new, unexpected, sometimes frightening, sometimes funny. Always challenging! You can hear me Monday through Friday from 5am to 10am.

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Weight Loss Woes: What’s The Secret?

What’s the secret to quick (and healthy) weight loss? Is there a secret? WWJ’s Roberta Jasina spoke with Dr. Scott Laker, Director of Bariatric Surgery at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.


Are Church Confessions Safe? Court To Hear Arguments

The Michigan Court of Appeals will hear arguments Thursday about whether a pastor’s testimony related to a possible confession in a child sexual assault case may be used in court.


Remembering Viola Liuzzo

A special memorial service is being held at noon Saturday at the crypt of Viola Liuzzo at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield. Liuzzo was a white Wayne State University student who was murdered by the KKK in 1965, when she joined a voting rights march in Alabama.  She was 39 years old when she was […]


Calvin Johnson’s Cool And Controversial Car Commercial

YouTube is getting thousands of hits from people wanting another look at that new Acura TV ad featuring Detroit Lions superstar Calvin Johnson.


New Year’s Hangover? Don’t Take It Lying Down. Avoid It With These Tips

Dr. Saper issued a warning for holiday revelers: Don’t treat a hangover with acetopminophen, the common ingredient in Tylenol and many cold medications.


Wow! ‘Pretty Tough Broad’ Retires After 65 Years With Company

How has she survived the office politics, the bosses, the gossip, and the typewriter-computer-revolution over the last 65 years? She admits she’s “a pretty tough broad.”


Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Are you taking a dangerous prescription drug? The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have identified a list of drugs that pose a high risk to patients, especially seniors. Starting in January, many insurers will not cover the cost of  these high-risk drugs. Pharmacist Steve Marciniak, Director of Pharmacy Administration for Priority Health in Michigan says […]


Local Catholic Churches To Close, Consolidate

A shortage of priests and funds has lead the Archdiocese to move forward with a plan to consolidate some Catholic churches in Metro Detroit.


Remembering The Sinking Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

On Thursday, the Detroit Historical Society’’s Dossin Maritime Group will host its annual remembrance of the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank during a massive storm on Lake Superior 36 years ago.


Capac High School Evacuated After Bomb Threat

Students were evacuated from Capac High School in St. Clair County Wednesday morning following a bomb threat at the school.


“Hanoi Jane” Has Grown Up

Some American Vietnam War Veterans can’t stand Jane Fonda.  They do not forgive her for visiting North Vietnam during the war in the 1970s, and calling American soldiers “War Criminals.” That was horrible. But that was 40 years ago and I think maybe Jane Fonda has grown up.  (I hope so.) I think she’s better now. Fonda was the featured speaker at “The Henry” […]


The Epicenter Of Trick Or Treating In Metro Detroit!!

Romeo Michigan may be the “Trick or Treat” capital of Metro Detroit. The world. The known universe. I’ve never seen anything like it.


Poll: Sleazy Halloween Costumes – Hot Or Not?

WWJ’s Roberta Jasina spoke with Walter McNew of Screamers Costumes Superstore who said he sees it all the time — nice girls who want to be naughty for Halloween.


Baseball And Softball At The Pontiac Silverdome

How do you play baseball in a nippy Michigan fall and snow-white Michigan winter? Bring it inside.


Detroit Toy Stories

Starting this weekend, the Detroit Historical Museum is taking the wraps off a new exhibit called “Detroit Toy Stories.” It’s full of all the stuff kids around here have been playing with for years.


9-11 In The WWJ Newsroom

When I think of September 11, 2001 I feel sick to my stomach. I feel sad. And angry. And deeply depressed.


Remembering Local Heroes At The Dream Cruise

They will be honoring local heroes at this year’s Dream Cruise.


“Call of Duty” Contest

Calling all “Call of Duty” fanatics. Check out the “Black Ops” contest in Troy this weekend!


Nuremberg And The Nazis

“There is a lesson in what happened in Nazi Germany for today.” A controversial film that was created by the U.S. Government more than 60 years ago, (and then consequently suppressed by the U.S. Government for years) is making its Detroit debut.


Heaven Right Here in Pontiac

If you love antiques, historic homes and flowers, Pontiac is the place to be on Saturday (July 16.)


Innovation You: A Guide to Re-inventing Yourself

Are you feeling depressed, burned out, or kicked around by the economy?


Complaint Call

People love listening to the news. They like TALKING about the news. They even like complaining about the news. And I think that’s great. I love the fact that what we do at WWJ  sparks something inside of people.  Makes people listen and react.  Makes them laugh.  Makes them angry.  Whatever.  I love the news. But here’s […]


Dinosaurs At The Detroit Zoo

Heads up! There are spitting dinosaurs at  the Detroit Zoo. It’s part of “Dinosauria,” open now through Labor Day in Royal Oak. The exhibit stars more than 30 life-like animatronic  dinosaurs  that roar, snarl and move. And spit. Zoo boss Ron Kagan says “Sixty-five million years after  the last dinosaur species became extinct, these prehistoric creatures  still capture […]


The Pitfalls Of Purchasing A Home On The Cheap

There are houses in the suburbs going for as little as $6,000 — seemingly the deal of a lifetime. Should you take the plunge on one of these properties?


Hope Floats: Hackel Wants Waterfront Casino For Macomb

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel thinks his county is sitting on a goldmine and envisions a brand new, privately owned marina-casino on Lake St. Clair.


Feminist Manifesto

I had an interesting conversation this week with Anne Doyle.   (The daughter of WWJ’s beloved Vince Doyle.) Anne was Detroit’s  first FEMALE TV sportscaster.  She’s been a top level manager at Ford.  Now she’s a city council member in Auburn Hills.  Mostly she’s a feminist, and has written a book  called  “Powering Up, How American Women Achievers […]


A Lion’s Tragedy

     What a sad situation involving Detroit Lions  quarterback  Shaun Hill.  (I don’t know how a person recovers from something like this.) The Lions quarterback and his 60 year old father ( Ted) were working together on a barn on Shaun Hill’s property  over the weekend in Missouri. There was a horrible accident. Hill’s father falls. […]



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