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Ryan Wooley started with CBS Radio back in 2007 just three days after graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in “Electronic Media and Film”.

In that time he has worked every position imaginable both on-air and behind the scenes and is currently the afternoon sports anchor for both 97.1 “The Ticket” and WWJ Newsradio 950.

He has been awarded sportscast of the year on multiple occasions from both the Michigan Association of Broadcasters as well as the Michigan Associated Press. He was also honored by EMU in 2014 with the “Outstanding Young Alumni Award”.

In addition to his duties with both radio stations, he is the play by play voice of the Westland John Glenn Rocket football team as well as the Eastern Michigan University women’s basketball team. He also owns his own DJ company, “Mammoth Entertainment”, and handles everything from graduation parties to weddings.

Ryan currently resides in Belleville with his wife Michelle and their daughter Lilly and their son Blake. He is also a big car buff so if you’re ever out and about and see an orange 1976 Pontiac Trans Am — that’s him!

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Is Nike Being Sexist With ‘Gold Digging’ T-Shirt?

With the Olympics now behind us and our American athletes now adjustig to life back at home, Nike is still looking to capitalize off the gold medals that the members of Team USA brought back by releasing a shirt that is creating a lot of controversy.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 8-10-12

If getting Steve Nash in the off-season wasn’t enough, the Lakers pulled off a four team trade late Thursday night that had them bringing another superstar to town in Dwight Howard.


Penn State Needs To Embrace Change Like Eastern Michigan University Did

With Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien confirming on Tuesday that the Nittany Lions are breaking away with their traditional nameless uniforms


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 8-3-12

As the first week in August comes to a close that means we’re not only one week into the Summer Olympics and one week away from the Lions first pre-season game, but it’s also time to bring you another set of my weekly winners.


Would This Truly Make You The Biggest Fan Of All Time?

No matter what sport you find yourself cheering for, there is always someone that claims they’re a bigger fan than you.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 7-27-12

As another week passes it’s time to bring you my weekly winners for the final week in July.


The Orlando Magic Need To Stand Up To Dwight Howard!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that Dwight Howard wants a trade out of Orlando, I could retire at the tender age of 27!


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 7-20-12

Before the All Star break the Tigers got on a roll by winning five in a row and have since continued that strong play by winning 11 of their last 13 games, pulling them within a half game of Chicago in the Central division.


Would You Rather Sweat Or Freeze At A Game?

After Tuesday night’s thumping that the LA Angels put on the Detroit Tigers in near record heat, it got me thinking about the fans in attendance and how bad it had to suck being at that game, and if baseball games in this hot, humid weather is the worst to attend.


Matthew Stafford Might Have Just Earned The Respect Of Everyone In Detroit

No matter what sport we watch, we’re always looking for the next guy to come along that has the “it factor” and we seem to have found that guy right here in Detroit in Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 7-13-12

In honor of the All Star Game this week, I’m going to limit my weekly winners to a team or someone within Major League Baseball.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 7-6-12

With the holiday now behind us, it’s time to bring you my latest weekly winners.


All It Takes Is A Little Rubber To Get You Motivated?

It seems that every year when a team wins a championship that some strange superstition or motivational tactic is revealed.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 6-29-12

Here are my Weekly Winners for the final week in June.


Baseball Purists Are Getting What They Deserve

It truly amazes me that in today’s day in age that people are shocked and appalled what athletes will do in a game to gain an advantage.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 6-22-12

Every week that I bring you my weekly winner list I try to diversify it by not picking a winner from the same league, but since the NBA Finals wrapped up this week I think it would be fitting to pick all from the NBA.


Are We On The Verge Of The Greatest Sports Collapse In History?

With the NBA Finals now approaching game five and LeBron James now on the door step of his first NBA title, it raises the question what if the Heat somehow go on to lose in seven games to the Thunder?


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 6-15-12

With the middle of June now here and Father’s day on Sunday, that means another week has passed and it’s time for my weekly winners


Is The NBA Playoff Theme Song Taking A Shot At LeBron James If He Fails?

With the NBA Finals officially underway I’m sure by now almost everyone has had a chance to hear the playoff theme song by Linkin Park on TNT called “Burn It Down”, but have you actually listened to the lyrics and thought about what they could be talking about?


Wooley’s Weekly Winners: Tiger, OKC Thunder

With the Stanley Cup Finals nearing a close and the NBA Finals just getting sit to tip off, it means another week has come to a close and it’s time to bring you my Weekly Winner.


What Are NBA Players Wearing?

As the NBA playoffs continue to roll on and the post-game press conferences continue to get stranger with wardrobes, I find myself asking why these professional athletes would wear some of the ridiculous outfits that they are.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 6-1-12

With another week in the books it’s time to bring you my weekly winners for the final week in May.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 5-25-12

We all could see how good OKC was during the regular season and that they would be a problem for LA in the playoffs, but did anyone honestly see the Thunder taking the series in five games? I sure didn’t.


Where Is The Outrage For The NFL?

I think it’s pretty clear that no matter whom you ask the question of what the number one sport of the four professional leagues is that that the NFL comes out of most everyone’s mouth.


The Sleeping Clemens Jurors Prove A Point

For the second time during the Roger Clemens perjury trail, I find myself laughing inside because a juror has fallen asleep and been dismissed from the case.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 5-11-12

It’s that time of the week again to bring you my Weekly Winners.


My Favorite Songs To Hear As Summer Approaches

As the weather continues to get warmer and we quickly approach summer, I got to thinking about the songs that I love hearing during the Spring that gets me ready for one of my favorite seasons.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners

As another week comes to a close it’s time to bring you my Weekly Winners for the first week in May.


The Best Of The Worst Self-Inflicted Sports Injuries

Amare Stoudemire’s recent hand injury got me to thinking about the dumbest sports injuries caused by the athletes themselves.


Wooley’s Weekly Winners 4-27-12

As another week comes to an end it’s time for my Weekly Winners.




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