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scottryan2 Scott Ryan

Hi there! Each morning, I write much of the news that you hear on WWJ. Despite the early hours, it’s usually fun working amid the “controlled chaos” in our newsroom. When I’m not at work, I like to spend time with my wife and kids. My hobbies include running, kickboxing, and improv.

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The Reunion Project – Crazy Calls (7/20)

One long chat ends with a wrong number; another ends with a polite warning about having my heart cut out if I know too much.


The Reunion Project – You’re Not Alone (7/6)

No matter what you’ve got going on in your life, I bet there’s a classmate who can relate.


Should Zombies Take Over Abandoned Detroit Neighborhood?

Would you be willing to run through Detroit’s abandoned neighborhoods, trying to stay one step ahead of zombies? A Clawson man hopes you are.


The Reunion Project: At A Loss (6/22)

It’s the last thing I want to find out when searching for a classmate.


Sole Survivor Of Metro Airport Crash Breaks Her Silence

Cecelia Cichan tells her story in the documentary “Sole Survivor,” which looks at 14 people, each of whom was the only survivor of a major passenger airplane crash.


Princess Anne High School Yearbook

The Reunion Project: The Voice (6/8)

I hear it every week and it delivers the same message, but I’m not giving up.


Princess Anne High School Yearbook

The Reunion Project: Let’s Look At The Map (5/25)

Classmates have branched out in all directions. Will I be able to bring them together again?


Princess Anne High School Yearbook

The Reunion Project: One Down, 399 To Go (5/11)

I’ve got a big list of classmates. Somebody has to be contacted first.


Princess Anne High School Yearbook

The Reunion Project: The First Step (4/27)

WWJ’s Scott Ryan accepts the challenge of trying to find all of his high school classmates.


Local Man Collects Donations For Injured Troops

Retired police officer readies for annual trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and needs your help.


Words Worth Reviving

Wayne State University’s annual list of words they feel deserve more use in our daily language.



Eminem Samples Paul Simon In Mystery Track

Em samples Paul Simon’s ’50 Ways’ track in rant about ex-lover


MRSA Case At Southgate School

Davidson Middle School student affected; district says situation is under control



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