f) Scott Anderson

gator2 f) Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson joined The Ticket in February 1993 (then WXYT-AM), making his professional debut during the station’s Lions broadcasts. He has had such positions with WXYT as the Lions pre-game and post-game host (1998-2000); Lions scoreboard and halftime host ; MSU football pre-game/halftime/post-game host (1998 and 1999); Detroit Red Wings pre-game/post-game host; host of Inside Hockeytown; Detroit Tigers pre-game/post-game host (2001).

Born in Cleveland, Scott moved from the mistake by the lake at an early age for Chicago, and has lived in Metro-Detroit for the last 30 years. He began his radio career as a Sophomore at Bloomfield Hills Andover High School at WBFH, 88.1 FM, and is a telecommunications graduate from Michigan State University. A proud member of the Moon Boot Hockey Hall of Fame, Scott enjoys golfing, beer drinking/making, Brady Bunch Trivia, playing rock music at high decibels, watching movies, professional wrestling and ding dong ditch.

He has yet to find his other half to share in these activities, but his twelve year-old English Setter, Louise (A.K.A Lumpy, Louie, Schnooky Lumps) takes up enough of Scott’s time.

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Gator: Purdue Song Is Golden Nugget Of Ridiculousness [VIDEO]

Somewhere, Joe Tiller is choking back bile while Drew Brees insists that he was graduated from Indiana. Holy wow, check out this video!

97.1 The Ticket–08/20/2013

Derek Jeter Rumored To Be Engaged. Is She His Best Option?

Below you will find a photo gallery of all the women Jeter has been linked with before, then take a look at his newest lady — who he is rumored to be Hannah Davis.

97.1 The Ticket–08/16/2013

The Falcons New Stadium Looks Awesome

I think the new hotness in stadium building is thinking about life outside of this planet.

97.1 The Ticket–06/19/2013

Gator’s 2013 Mock Draft!

With all 3 Tackles off the board before the Lions pick at 5, they won’t want to reach, so they do what makes sense and that is TRADE!

97.1 The Ticket–04/25/2013

Michigan State’s Le’Veon Bell To Enter NFL Draft

Michigan State running back Le’Veon Bell is declaring his intentions to enter the 2013 NFL Draft.

97.1 The Ticket–01/03/2013

The Upside Of Torii Hunter

The signing of Torii Hunter to a two year $26-million deal is significant, if nothing else, it’s a tremendous upgrade in RF for the Tigers.

97.1 The Ticket–11/14/2012

World Series: Are Tigers Fans Shaken, Stirred, Or Undeterred?

It’s amazing what a difference a day makes.

97.1 The Ticket–10/25/2012

The NFL Needs Their Locked Out Officials

The replacement officials in the NFL have been less than stellar thus far, in fact, this past weekend they have regressed significantly.

97.1 The Ticket–09/25/2012

Hilarious Scott ‘Gator’ Anderson ‘Stafford!’ Video

If you don’t remember, last year ESPN’s Trent Dilfer did a film study on Matthew Stafford and Gator read his tweets on the air as how they were written.

97.1 The Ticket–09/14/2012

Michigan State Can Become The Best Team In The Big Ten

Saturday night is an opportunity for Michigan State to truly carry the burden of being the best the Big Ten has to offer as they face off against Notre Dame.

97.1 The Ticket–09/14/2012

Is Quintin Berry The New Brandon Inge?

People sure are getting bent out of shape about a certain Tiger, and it’s not Ryan Raburn.

97.1 The Ticket–08/23/2012

Penn State Punishment Justified

The NCAA doled out their punishment to Penn State the other day and by doing so they’ve effectively crippled that program for nearly the next decade.

97.1 The Ticket–07/26/2012

Gator’s Big Boss Man

By: Scott Anderson Here he is in all his glory, the Big Boss Man! Is he the biggest frog you’ve ever seen? No, but he might be the biggest frog I’ve seen in Metro Detroit. It’s not like I live in the Bayou next to Troy Landry where frogs grow the size of manhole covers. […]

97.1 The Ticket–06/19/2012

NBA Finals Have Appeal

I have to admit, the NBA Finals actually have appeal.

97.1 The Ticket–06/15/2012

June 7th Will Go Down As The Day The Tigers Mount Their Resurgence In 2012!

This seems like a ridiculous, over-confident statement, yet the team is due to make some positive moves in the Central Division.

97.1 The Ticket–06/08/2012

Putting Blame On Umpires

More and more, it seems that an epidemic is spreading in the world of baseball…bad umpiring!

97.1 The Ticket–05/31/2012

Latvia gets Kronwalled!

This is why we love Niklas Kronwall, he just destroys everything in his wake.

97.1 The Ticket–05/16/2012

Not Time To Panic In Detroit…Yet

I understand that Tiger fans are disappointed with the start of the season, I am too.

97.1 The Ticket–05/15/2012

Will The Madden Video Game Cover Of Calvin Johnson Be A Jinx?

It is well documented that I do believe in jinxes.

97.1 The Ticket–05/12/2012

People Ask Me All The Time, “How Did You Get The Nickname Gator?” So, Here’s The Story

Growing up in my early teenage years, I became an uber-professional wrestling fan.

97.1 The Ticket–05/03/2012

Are You Happy With The Lions 1st Round Pick?

What they have in Reiff is a player who probably rates ahead of Cherilus and one who competes for a starting job in training camp.

97.1 The Ticket–04/27/2012

Blowing Up The Red Wings

Now that the Wings have been bounced from the Playoffs, everyone is saying to blow the team up, that they’ve become stale.

97.1 The Ticket–04/23/2012

Can The Wings Come Back And Win The Series?

That’s the big question that resonates throughout Hockeytown and most fans at this point will tell you no way.

97.1 The Ticket–04/19/2012

The NHL Is A Joke

So, let me get this straight. The NHL has decided that grabbing a player’s head and ramming it into the boards like Stone Cold Steve Austin would use the turnbuckle for The Rock, is now acceptable behavior?

97.1 The Ticket–04/13/2012

Did The Wings Care In Their Final Game?

By: Scott “The Gator” Anderson I was a little confused watching the Red Wings close out the regular season against Chicago. Had they lost, they would be facing Phoenix on the road, a win would give them a chance at hosting Nashville but the Preds would have to lose their last game. The Coyotes on […]

97.1 The Ticket–04/09/2012

Four Important Tigers Questions

In honor of Passover this weekend, I have 4 very important questions regarding our Tigers and how it impacts the season.

97.1 The Ticket–04/09/2012

Pat Robertson Is The Chump Of The Week

This week my Chump was Pat Robertson. Though I am no Bible Thumper, nor an Atheist, this televangelist’s ranting about the Denver Broncos’ decision to dump Tim Tebow in favor of Peyton Manning seemed a bit over the top.

97.1 The Ticket–03/28/2012

Why Did MSU Fail Against Louisville?

That is a question that will haunt Spartan fans all year long as we had hoped they would be playing next weekend in the Final Four.

97.1 The Ticket–03/26/2012

Watch Gator Take Down A Doritos Taco

The Doritos Taco is now down the hatch. What’s Gator’s review?

97.1 The Ticket–03/09/2012

Gator’s Blog: Is There More To Batting Practice?

Though I generally detest the comments made about hitters during batting practice while at Spring Training, usually dismissing them instantly as they are completely irrelevant.

97.1 The Ticket–03/08/2012


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