Tim Skubick

timscubick Tim SkubickTim Skubick started in 1970 with WWJ as its first full-time state capital correspondent, at the time the station went all news.

He has been covering Michigan politics and government for over 40 years, making him the longest-serving member of the capitol press corps. He holds BA and MA degrees from Michigan State University and was awarded the Silver Circle award from the National academy of TV Arts and Sciences for his 37 years in the broadcast news business.

Skubick has won four Emmys, authored two books on Michigan politics and is a member of the Michigan Journalism and Broadcast halls of fame.

Skubick is also the only full time radio reporter in the state covering state government.

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Bing Makes Visit To Lansing To Address City Tax Freeze

Mayor Bing has asked lawmakers to consider freezing the Detroit city income tax rate at 2.4 percent.


4 Charged In McCotter Petition Investigation

Calling it a “mess” and a “fiasco” Michigan’s attorney general has charged four people following an investigation of fake and duplicate signatures on the nominating petitions submitted by then-U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter.


Name Change For Michigan’s Failing Schools Looks To Bring New Level Of Achievement

Under ‘No Child Left Behind’ failing schools in Michigan were called ”Persistently Lowest Achievers’.


Governor Looking To Make Changes To Michigan’s School Aid Act

The governor wants to rewrite the school aid act which allocates dollars to schools for kids.


Police: No Big Increase In Fireworks Related Injuries

Local police say there was not a big increase in injuries this year, despite Michigan’s new fireworks law.


Special Election Planned To Fill Vacant Congressional Seat

Gov. Rick Snyder has decided on a course of action following last week’s abrupt resignation of Congressman Thaddeus McCotter.


Supporters Say Legislation Would Rescue Michigan Horse Racing

State lawmakers are taking steps to try to revive the struggling horse racing industry in Michigan.


Michigan Rep. Censored For Use Of ‘V-Word’

A West Bloomfield State Representative has been censored for comments she made during a House session.


Announcement Regarding Building Of Second Span Expected Friday

Details are in on plans for a new bridge deal spanning Detroit and Windsor.


New State Budget Get Mixed Reviews Along Party Lines

There will be no shutdown of state government this year as state lawmakers have put the finishing touches on this year’s budget, about three months ahead of the deadline.


How Much Will Gov. Snyder Get Paid?

Governor Rick Snyder refused all but $1 of his pay last year, he’s not sure exactly what he’ll do this year.


State Senate Passes Personal Property Tax Cuts

The Michigan Senate has passed a contentious set of bills that would roll back the personal property taxes businesses pay by hundreds of millions of dollars.


Source: Progress Made In Solving Detroit Budget Crisis

“It would be correct to report that a deal has been reached’,” said WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick.


Governor Not Impressed With City-Union Deal

Governor Snyder is criticizing a deal reached between the city of Detroit and police and firefighters.


Lawmakers Approve Changes To Concealed Weapons Law

A State Senate committee has approved changes to the law that include allowing people to carry concealed weapons in churches, schools and sports arenas


Would You Vote To Raise Mich. Sales Tax If State Axes Gas Tax?

Lawmakers in Lansing are tossing around the idea of eliminating the gas tax in Michigan in favor of raising the state’s sales tax.


Growing Divide Over Proposed Petition To Guarantee Collective Bargaining Rights

The president of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is asking organized labor to reconsider its decision to launch a state-wide petition drive to protect collective bargaining rights .


Unions Launch Petition Drive To Ban Right-to-work

A coalition led by the UAW is launching a petition drive this week to keep Michigan from following the lead of Indiana and becoming a “right-to-work” state.


Should Review Team Meetings Be Public?

An Ingham County judge has ordered a hearing next week into whether the state’s financial review team is violating the Open Meetings Act.


Poll: Michigan Headed In The Right Direction

The poll — which was conducted by Lambert Edwards & Associates and Denno Research — found that 56-percent of the people in Michigan believe that the state is heading in the right direction.


Michigan Attorney General: Put Surplus State Money Into Hiring More Cops

Schuette will call for using $100 million of the state’s $500 million dollar surplus to hire additional officers.


Dynamics Different For Snyder’s 2nd State Of State

Governor Rick Snyder is preparing for his second state of the state address, set for Wednesday at 7 p.m. from the Capitol.


Conference Delves Into Michigan’s Economic Future

Job growth in Michigan is expected to continue, but slowly, compared to 2011.


Michigan Lawmakers Work On Free College Tuition Plan

It’s an idea that probably sounds good to a lot of Michigan families: Free college tuition. Some Democratic lawmakers are working on a proposal that would do just that.


Cautious Optimism In Lansing About Need For Financial Manager In Detroit

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick says there is optimism among the group that the city won’t need an emergency manager.


Snyder Signs Bill Increasing Mich. Charter Schools

The limit on how many charter schools can be opened in Michigan would be gradually lifted and end in 2015 under the new legislation.


Lawmakers Approve Heating Assistance Plan

There is now hope for truly needy in Michigan who are facing the possibility of their heat being shut off. House and Senate leaders have now agreed to a package that will raise $59-million dollars to keep the heat on.


Lawmakers OK More Michigan Charter Schools

The Michigan Legislature has approved a bill that will allow more charter schools in the state, but not everyone is happy about it.


Will Lansing Increase Number Of Charter Schools Allowed?

The debate continues in Lansing over whether to raise the number of Michigan charter schools.


Michigan Poised To Pass Anti-Bullying Law

The bill already has passed the House and will soon be sent to Gov. Rick Snyder.




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