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Michigan Summer

credit: raterry626
Balloonfest credit: raterry626
Summer Grilling
Summer Grilling
credit: Eric Martin
Barefooting credit: Eric Martin
Credit: Kathryn Moore
Baseball and Swinging Credit: Kathryn Moore
Credit: Randall Roy
Bathing the Dog Credit: Randall Roy
Credit: Borancolm
Batting Advice Credit: Borancolm
Credit: momofjenny
Beach Feet Credit: momofjenny
Credit: Slbruman
Boy on the Beach Credit: Slbruman
Credit: Janna Bissett
BIG Cube Credit: Janna Bissett
Credit: Ridleyjm
Getting Hydrated Credit: Ridleyjm
Credit: Doug Tinnette
Big Fish Credit: Doug Tinnette
Credit: Bob Davis
Big Hair on Lake Huron Credit: Bob Davis
Credit: Susan Sirkle
Big Kiss Credit: Susan Sirkle
Credit: kbow16214
Take a look at our Big Wheel! Credit: kbow16214
Credit: pjkania
Bike and Puddle Credit: pjkania
Biker Moving Swiftly
Biker Moving Swiftly
Credit: Wtfisk
Credit: Wtfisk
Bikers Blur Credit: Wtfisk
Credit: derkaczteam
Birthday Dog's Special Treat Credit: derkaczteam
Credit: kjsausse
Boat Girl Credit: kjsausse
Credit: mthiel80
Boating! Credit: mthiel80
Boat on Lake Huron
Boat on Lake Huron
Credit: Brad Wigginton
Bowling for Fun Credit: Brad Wigginton
Boy On a Trail
Boy On a Trail
Boys Go For a Bike Ride
Boys Go For a Bike Ride
Credit: Lynn Anderson
Check Out This Brave Man! Credit: Lynn Anderson
Credit: MissionV19
Brother and Sister on a Trail Credit: MissionV19
Credit: Libby Funk
Brotherly Love Credit: Libby Funk
Credit: Tommi West
Fun with Bubbles Credit: Tommi West
Credit: knickol
Buckets of Joy Credit: knickol
Credit: S. Aretha
An Aerial View Of Comerica Park Credit: S. Aretha
Credit: pobien40
Cherry Pie Credit: pobien40
Dog Receives a Quick Clip
Dog Receives a Quick Clip
Credit: franz
Cloe On Lake Huron Credit: franz
Comerica Park (1st Baseline)
Comerica Park (1st Baseline)
Comerica Park (3rd Baseline)
Comerica Park (3rd Baseline)
Credit: Majchraz
A Couple at a Tigers Game at Comerica Park Credit: Majchraz
Credit: Cathryn Holmes
US Flag at Comerica Park Credit: Cathryn Holmes
Bark In The Park At Comerica Park
Bark In The Park At Comerica Park
Credit: Dan and Dana
A Tigers Fan At Comerica Park Credit: Dan and Dana
Credit: Nettiebus
Compuware Wedding Credit: Nettiebus
Credit: fignewton45
Cooking Sausages Credit: fignewton45
Credit: Angela Petkoski
Cooling Down Credit: Angela Petkoski
Credit: mrsfoot2000
Dog Cooling Off Credit: mrsfoot2000
Credit: michigan_troll123.1
On the Beaches Of Mackinac Lake Credit: michigan_troll123.1
Credit: Dave Wild
Cotton Candy At the Ball Game Credit: Dave Wild
Credit: rcate6445
A Cow of Brands With Kids Credit: rcate6445
Credit: batzloffr
Cowboys Sitting Credit: batzloffr
Credit: Mark Cryderman
Cross Village Credit: Mark Cryderman
Credit: racegirldbcs14
Cruisin' On The Water Credit: racegirldbcs14
Credit: blatzoffr
Dad's Eyes Credit: blatzoffr
Credit: Bob Davis (bobdavis72)
Daily The Dog's Win Credit: Bob Davis (bobdavis72)
Credit: Dawnie Chill
Girl Smelling Some Daisies Credit: Dawnie Chill
Credit: jef3680
Dancing with Talini Credit: jef3680
Credit: Ronald Hilliard
Dearborn Basketball Credit: Ronald Hilliard
Credit: Kimberly Doran
Kissing Deer Credit: Kimberly Doran
Credit: jjacoby
Delorians at the Dream Cruise Credit: jjacoby
Credit: James Snow
Eating Some Dippin' Dots Credit: James Snow
Credit: wyeknot
Dizzy Machine Credit: wyeknot
Credit: Sue Fraser (suefraser720)
Doggie Kisses Credit: Sue Fraser (suefraser720)
Credit: bleufrog32
Dogs and Boy Credit: bleufrog32
Credit: Matt Ereaux
A Classic Car At The Downriver Cruise Credit: Matt Ereaux
Credit: fasehrt
Dreaming Of Baseball Credit: fasehrt
Credit: alt1000
Girl Having Fun Swinging Credit: alt1000
Credit: EMaier2818
One Ducky Afternoon Credit: EMaier2818
Credit: Stu Davis
Eastern Michigan Fair Ferris Wheel Credit: Stu Davis
Credit: Tracy Smith
Electric Fireworks Credit: Tracy Smith
Credit: Andrew Kruk
Enjoying the Summer Sunset Credit: Andrew Kruk
Credit: sgrant
Ernie Harwell Credit: sgrant
Credit: keltara
Fairy In The Fog Credit: keltara
Credit: Faye Colando
Circle With Bow Tie Fireworks Credit: Faye Colando
Credit: weezer64
First Time Fishing Credit: weezer64
Credit: pobrien40
Boats at Grand Traverse Bay Credit: pobrien40
Credit: Davephoto
Enjoying The Weather At Grandhaven Beach Credit: Davephoto
Credit: 2bornot2bb
Sunset At Houghton Lake Credit: 2bornot2bb
Credit: David Janeczek
Jet Skiin' Near Mackinaw Credit: David Janeczek
Credit: jenkylei
Jumping Off The Bridge Credit: jenkylei
Canoeing at Kent Lake
Canoeing at Kent Lake
Credit: Dorene Lascoe
Kid on the Beach Credit: Dorene Lascoe
Credit: Nicholas Thon
Lake Hess At Sunset Credit: Nicholas Thon

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