• Tigers Vs. White Sox 4-8-18
  1. Sofien says:

    Oh what a sweet set of photos. I’m gnessiug that there isn’t much climbing on the shoulders anymore. I sort of miss that age, but … my back and neck don’t! Hope you had a great time in Florida!

  2. Yudi says:

    Quote from DnQuiggs: “It’s been a 50/50 split for the past thirty years.”You are auctally claiming that Detroit has been run by Republicans half the time for the last thrity years? Coleman Young, Dennis Archer, Kwame Kilpatrick and Dave Bing, all Democrats. Republicans don’t even appear on the ballot in Detroit. The actual election is just a run off contest between the two highest vote getters in the Democrat primary.

  3. Jake says:

    Okay, I’m weird but I’ve never really liked Thanksgiving! It was pabrobly because my grandma didn’t make the best food and the turkey was always dry and I don’t like pumpkin pie! But I love apple I agree with you on the Christmas music though! Already blasting it while I study, workout, etc. Glee! Ahhh I need to start catching up!

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