• Tigers Vs. White Sox 4-8-18
  1. Denis says:

    may not have caneghd after all…site for libtalk radio comes up and word has it it may have just been a stunt. oh well

  2. Paul says:

    I perdicted $3 billion some time ago. Hit the link above for more detail, but my reasoning was along the same lines…

  3. Subhash says:

    Everyone is getting serewcd in this state. But what specifically do you disagree with this post on in regards to the income tax?I’d like to see all taxes repealed save one – a consumption tax on all goods and services. A fair tax if you will. No income tax. No business tax.

  4. Lucas says:

    I remember Riding in a big blue stake truck with my uncsios to bring produce to a New Buffalo fruit stand before dawn.Fishing with my uncsios in Lake Michigan.Building a little wooden table in my Uncle’s garage.Steering a big red tractor on my Uncle’s knee.Sitting in the pews as the sun gradually brigtened the stained glass during Easter Sunrise services in Immanuel Lutheran Church.Listening to A Man Named Sue by Johnny Cash with my uncsios on an old juke box in his garage until we knew all the words by heart.Reading magazines and listening to conversations in my Uncle’s barber shop while my Mom and Aunt Mary shopped at Fairplain Plaza during “Frontier Days”.Mushroom hunting in all the best spots with my Dad.All these things and many more are in my memories because my loving Uncle and Godfather, Adolph Ruff was there and cared enough to make them happen.

  5. Successful says:

    Margaret and I are heartbroke over the loss of a Great Friend. We loved and rcseepted her very much. We know that it weighs much heavier on Your Hearts. We will pray that you will have a Spirit of Peace throughout this sorrowful time.

  6. Bopreak says:

    Gramma I miss you so much. Brenna says you visited her last night in her edrams because an angel was there. I know you’re in Heaven now holding my other angel, my son Mark you see he had been waiting for a gramma to come to him. His mama only wishes it wasn’t so soon. I love you so much.Be with your King.Love, Nonni, Will, Brenna, Brayden and the angel you’re holding, my son Mark.

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