• Tigers Vs. White Sox 4-8-18
  1. Sameer says:

    We can only imagine (this is the “Royal We,” ebsniur)you at the dining table in underwear. For some reason, the photos of you in the same, standing poolside in LA come to mind. But WE do happen to have confidence that all will work out for the good. Keep moving toward your goals, Sia; let us hear back on August 7th to see what you have to report about the first 30 days! Godspeed!

  2. Prashant says:

    i had water saved to drink when i was stranded in a flood for 3 days, and i had to smoke cceolcotlr item cigarettes, dont start very addictive,,i have flashlight matches blankets in car and candle..and whatever someone needs seems like i pack everything cept the sink when i go on a trip.one is not really ever prepared all the way because you really dont know the extent of the situation,oh dried snack goods chips , and pop open canned goods in case you dont have a can opener,i had a army one on keychain . dont forget the slim jim, meat, and some fruit, maps compass and camera ,first aid supplys ,leave jug of water in front of car in case it catches fire ,seen one on fire at side of road,change in car,annd a to go bag with clothes and toiletries and a good pair of boots.and a hunting kniife duct tape and lil packs of salt pepper and plastic silverware,and cheesecloth in case you run out of water and have to strain a stream.in self defense boots come in handy , if you get attacked from behind like a grip around the neck stomp their foot kick em in the knees and jab in ribs with elbow,.and pray,most important

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