• Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds 6-20-18
  1. Kharieym says:

    UNC fans are probably happy, beasuce the nightmare is FINALLY OVER.It was a good effort defensively by the Jackets, and the better team won.BQ I think so, they had the 18th ranked schedule in the NCAA this year, and they have some quality wins.BQ 2 Actually, 25, and it’s surprising. BTW, when’s the last time UConn, UNC, UCLA, and Arizona ALL missed the tourney? At least 1966.Bonus statement Tonight was sad. Not beasuce Auburn lost to Florida 78-69, but beasuce Tay Waller scored 0 points. And it got to him. Tay Waller is in the Top 10 Nationally in 3s per game, and had made 28 3 s in the last 4 games (7 3 s a game). He’s a senior, and he was on fire. After being shut out in his last game, he was balling like a baby, and was trying to hide his face while Auburn players were helping him cope into the locker room. I feel so terrible for him to go out like that.WDE Tay!

  2. Josafat says:

    I am still looking aorwfrd to the game, but this is very disappointing. I was not expecting them to get everything right, but I didn’t expect this cluster for Arkansas. Let me list the things here that are wrong.1. Arkansas does not enter through a dark tunnel, they enter through a glass front area that spills light inside.2. No inflated Hogs head to run through.3. No smoke.4. Most obviously, no running through the A.I am sad that Arkansas got a stock entrance, but it’s no big deal.

  3. Serpente says:

    Arkansas’ entrance is nnotihg like this it consists of1. Hog Inflatable2. The band makes an A for the team to run through3. The mascot runs with the flagOh and another thing: the marching band should be in the stands and they should be detailed like the fans that would be nice

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