Eye On The Future

With a nod to the turmoil that has gripped our region and state, CBS 62 launched its award-winning “Eye on the Future” community initiative in 2007 to put a spotlight on these issues and investigate what is taking place to prepare for the future.

Tom Watkins wants Michigan to wake up, saying, "talent matters."

‘Bridging Michigan’s Workforce Divide': Talent Matters

Working together, with “relentless positive action” we can reverse the brain drain, match employees with employers, and provide a solid foundation to continue rebuilding the state we love to call home.

CBS 62–05/22/2013

Bridging Michigan’s Workforce Divide

Behind The Scenes Photos From ‘Bridging Michigan’s Workforce Divide’

The “Eye on the Future” team of CBS 62 Senior Producer/Host Carol Cain and CBS 62 Chief Videographer Paul Pytlowany travel the state to show viewers what is taking place in Detroit, Grand Rapids and Marquette to close the talent gap in the workforce.

CBS 62–05/22/2013

Jim Pawlak

Career Moves: New Rules For The Job Search

If you’re having a tough time getting interviews, or if you can’t get beyond Round 1 of the interview process, you need to rethink your job-search approach.


(credit: MEDC)

Career Development Tips

Get career advice from Senior VP of Talent Enhancement Amy Cell at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

CBS 62–05/22/2013

Pamela Moore advises job seekers.

‘Bridging Michigan’s Workforce Divide': Why Is It Still So Hard To Find A Job?

What is it that employers are looking for?

CBS 62–05/22/2013

Lisa Baragar Katz gives tips to job seekers.

‘Bridging Michigan’s Workforce Divide:’ What Employers Really Want

Employers want to know that you are passionate about the field to which you are applying.

CBS 62–05/22/2013

Alysia Green is helping Automation Alley companies bridge the gap between talent and jobs.

‘Bridging Michigan’s Workforce Divide:’ Automation Alley Offers Training

The Technical Talent Development Program, funded by a $5 million federal grant, is providing funding to local companies to train current employees and new hires for high-level information technology positions.

CBS 62–05/22/2013

Lauren Berger, "Intern Queen," gives tips on landing that crucial summer job.

‘Bridging Michigan’s Workforce Divide': 5 Internship Preparation Tips

How can these students make sure they are making the most of their summer internships?

CBS 62–05/22/2013

Dennis West helps businesses in the Upper Peninsula thrive.

‘Bridging Michigan’s Workforce Divide': Rural Areas Fight To Get Talent

Marquette is hardly alone in competing successfully in the talent attraction battle; there are a number of rural communities that are succeeding. However, this is not by accident.

CBS 62–05/22/2013

Jim Pawlak

‘Bridging The Workforce Divide’ Blog: The Two Job Markets

The “hidden” or referral job market accounts for the majority of new hires.

CBS 62–05/21/2013