Eye On The Future

With a nod to the turmoil that has gripped our region and state, CBS 62 launched its award-winning “Eye on the Future” community initiative in 2007 to put a spotlight on these issues and investigate what is taking place to prepare for the future.

Reinventing Michigan Carol Cain

‘Reinventing Michigan’ – Watch Online

CBS 62’s Eye on the Future special presentation focusing on what’s ahead for autos, businesses, educators and our communities as massive changes sweep through the state. Watch the full show online.

CBS 62–01/07/2011

Powering Michigan'

‘Powering Michigan’s Future’ – Watch Online

A look at how business, political and educational leaders in Michigan are looking at alternative energy as a possible path to help diversify our economy and lead us to our new future.

CBS 62–07/12/2010