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Pray For The Tigers At Special Service Tonight

“Bless you boys” … literally.


‘I Wear Your Grandad’s Clothes’: Thrift Shopping Thrives

A song about thrift shopping is a huge hit — but what’s the reaction from the people who operate thrift stores?


Tiger Stadium Lettering Goes On Display At Historical Museum

Just as the team stands one win away from a spot in the World Series, the Detroit Historical Society has obtained the original lettering from Tiger Stadium.


Exclusive: Girlfriend Opens Up About Tucker Cipriano

Accused killer Tucker Cipriano is not a monster. He is not a murderer. He is not insane. That’s according to Cipriano’s girlfriend, 19-year-old Sofiya Baskin, talking exclusively to WWJ’s Roberta Jasina.


New Tattoo Could Be Just What The Doctor Ordered

Diabetics may soon be lining up for a special new tattoo that does “tricks.”


Morels. Mmmmm…

It’s morel mushroom season. And that little fungus among us — is valuable.


Prosecutor: Father Killed, Abused Bianca Jones

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says 2-year-old Bianca Jones of Detroit is dead, and her father D’Andre Lane is guilty of abusing and murdering her late last year.


Weight Loss Woes: What’s The Secret?

What’s the secret to quick (and healthy) weight loss? Is there a secret? WWJ’s Roberta Jasina spoke with Dr. Scott Laker, Director of Bariatric Surgery at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.


Being Happy At Work Is Not Enough

University of Michigan scientists say being happy at work is nice, but something else is better:  thriving is better. Researchers say employees who are THRIVING are excited about their work.  Passionate.  Productive. They want to excel.  Succeed.  And learn.  They don’t call in sick unless they’re really sick.  They are a gift to their bosses. Fascinating stuff. The […]


Remembering Viola Liuzzo

A special memorial service is being held at noon Saturday at the crypt of Viola Liuzzo at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield. Liuzzo was a white Wayne State University student who was murdered by the KKK in 1965, when she joined a voting rights march in Alabama.  She was 39 years old when she was […]


Calvin Johnson’s Cool And Controversial Car Commercial

YouTube is getting thousands of hits from people wanting another look at that new Acura TV ad featuring Detroit Lions superstar Calvin Johnson.


Wow! ‘Pretty Tough Broad’ Retires After 65 Years With Company

How has she survived the office politics, the bosses, the gossip, and the typewriter-computer-revolution over the last 65 years? She admits she’s “a pretty tough broad.”


Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Are you taking a dangerous prescription drug? The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have identified a list of drugs that pose a high risk to patients, especially seniors. Starting in January, many insurers will not cover the cost of  these high-risk drugs. Pharmacist Steve Marciniak, Director of Pharmacy Administration for Priority Health in Michigan says […]


“Hanoi Jane” Has Grown Up

Some American Vietnam War Veterans can’t stand Jane Fonda.  They do not forgive her for visiting North Vietnam during the war in the 1970s, and calling American soldiers “War Criminals.” That was horrible. But that was 40 years ago and I think maybe Jane Fonda has grown up.  (I hope so.) I think she’s better now. Fonda was the featured speaker at “The Henry” […]


Meeting Dr. Richard Dawkins at Oakland University

I love my job. I get to interview great people.  One-on-one.  I get to ask them whatever I want. This week, I went to Oakland University, and attended a lecture by world-famous biologist, and confrontational atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins. The guy is a genius.  (Ok, he’s a condescending genius.) But he IS a genius.  And […]


The Underwear Bomber Case—Behind the Scenes

After I got off work at WWJ on Wednesday, I decided to take a ride down to U.S. District Court in downtown Detroit to sit in on jury selection in the trial of the accused “Underwear Bomber,” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The trial starts on Tuesday: opening statements from 10am-1pm. The security is extraordinary. Police visible outside the courthouse.  You […]


Detroit Toy Stories

Starting this weekend, the Detroit Historical Museum is taking the wraps off a new exhibit called “Detroit Toy Stories.” It’s full of all the stuff kids around here have been playing with for years.


Secrets That Hurt

 Do you have a secret that would break someone’s heart? (I know that I do.) Author Frank Warren says he believes every person does. Warren says if we could just remember this, there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world. Warren  is the founder of the original postsecret blog; He’s going to […]


9-11 In The WWJ Newsroom

When I think of September 11, 2001 I feel sick to my stomach. I feel sad. And angry. And deeply depressed.


Romeo, Oh Romeo!

It’s going to be warm and fuzzy this weekend in Romeo.  It’s the 80th annual Romeo Peach Festival–featuring carnival rides, several parades, a beautiful craft show,  a car show, classic car parade, cool contests for kids all day long Saturday in the Village Park, and tons of peach pie, peach jam and one of my personal […]


Parkour Plus! Free-Running Contest Comes to Detroit

Who are those people in downtown Detroit, deliberately running up walls and jumping off roofs?


Remembering Local Heroes At The Dream Cruise

They will be honoring local heroes at this year’s Dream Cruise.


“Call of Duty” Contest

Calling all “Call of Duty” fanatics. Check out the “Black Ops” contest in Troy this weekend!


Nuremberg And The Nazis

“There is a lesson in what happened in Nazi Germany for today.” A controversial film that was created by the U.S. Government more than 60 years ago, (and then consequently suppressed by the U.S. Government for years) is making its Detroit debut.


Your Chance to Blast Off

The sky is NOT the limit in this contest!


Take Roberta Jasina’s News Quiz!

Have you been listening? Test your WWJ news knowledge with Roberta Jasina’s News Quiz. Sign in to answer a new question each day, and earn points for a chance to win prizes!


Heaven Right Here in Pontiac

If you love antiques, historic homes and flowers, Pontiac is the place to be on Saturday (July 16.)


Innovation You: A Guide to Re-inventing Yourself

Are you feeling depressed, burned out, or kicked around by the economy?


Complaint Call

People love listening to the news. They like TALKING about the news. They even like complaining about the news. And I think that’s great. I love the fact that what we do at WWJ  sparks something inside of people.  Makes people listen and react.  Makes them laugh.  Makes them angry.  Whatever.  I love the news. But here’s […]


New Michigan Study on Big-Salary Baseball Players

A new study by the University of Michigan says Major League Baseball clubs that spend a lot of cash on “superstars” make higher profits but win fewer games.


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