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Take back your power.  In this blog, former TV journalist turned private investigator Scott Lewis will empower you with information and offer advice on ways to protect you and your money.  Lewis spent more than two decades as a top investigative reporter in Metro Detroit. He exposed countless con artists and scams.  His reporting also brought down criminals and corrupt politicians.  Over the years, he has earned numerous broadcasting awards.  To find our more about Scott Lewis Private Investigations go to

Going Naked: How Uninsured Drivers Are Costing All Of Us Money And Putting Many Of Us At Risk [BLOG]

Michigan is 7th in the nation when it comes to uninsured drivers according to the most recent study done in 2011.


Do These Things Really Work? Scott Lewis Puts a Polygraph to the Test

He told me that all I had to do was tell the truth and I would pass the test.


Scott Lewis: Voilá! New LED Freeway Lights Darkened By Copper Thieves Are Back On

Less than two weeks after my report detailing how copper thieves had sabotaged a $3.2 million dollar LED lighting project on I-94, most of the lights are already back on.


Detroit’s New LED Freeway Lights Off At Night, On During The Day

Last summer, MDOT spent $3.2 million on a project to install 330 new LED lights on a five-mile stretch of I-94. The problem is; the damn things don’t work.


Local Mom Seeks Answers After Son Turns Up Dead On Greyhound Bus Trip

The most troubling question of all: why won’t the police give her records that would answer her questions and give her closure?

CBS Detroit–01/31/2014

Ex-Convict Pleads With Governor To Clear His Name; Innocence Project Seeks Justice

“You know, I’m suffering, my family’s suffering. I just want to be cleared, man. I want the governor to see that this is not what really happened and be cleared so I can move on with my life.”

CBS Detroit–01/03/2014

Scott Lewis: Fake Online Reviews Can Mislead Shoppers And Affect Businesses’ Bottom Line

•Online reviews can be a useful tool but they’re not always real•Business owners use hired guns to post phony reviews•How New York State cracked down on fake reviews with a sting operation• Local business owners tell how they’ve been burned•How bogus reviews gave birth to a new local company


Scott Lewis: Stranger At The Door; Be Careful Who You Let Inside For Service Work

People have been strangled, stabbed, raped and robbed by service workers; Service companies are not required to do background checks; One woman’s crusade for national legislation to force background checks; Questions when you call a company for in-home service

CBS Detroit–11/01/2013

Carjacking! Protecting Yourself From Gun-Toting Thieves

*How anti-theft technology is fueling the problem*Where carjackers strike and why you need to be vigilant*10 ways to make yourself a tougher target*How the term carjacking was coined right here in Detroit.

CBS Detroit–10/01/2013

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