10 Reasons Why #NBADramas Should Be Your New Favorite MemeLately, the NBA has been on fire with Twitter memes and they're back at it again. Their latest edition? Tackling some of TV's hottest dramas in a perfectly punny way.
The 24 Blog – 10 PM – 11 AM Another season ends. Another clock winds down. And another super-power has Jack Bauer in custody.
The 24 Blog – 9 PM – 10 PM It made me wonder – when’s the last time Jack Bauer had a vacation?
The 24 Blog - 7 PM - 8 PM To my loyal 24 fan(s) that religiously read this blog…I have failed you.
The 24 Blog 6 PM - 7 PM [BLOG]On an episode when daylight turned to dark, you can legitimately argue that 24 got awfully dark.
The 24 Blog - 5 PM - 6 PM [BLOG]If a nuclear bomb ever fell on a city where Jack Bauer was living, we can now safely say that the only things to survive the blast would be the cockroaches…and Jack Bauer.
The 24 Blog – 4 PM – 5 PM“Jack wants her. Jack needs her. Jack gets her.” James Heller, 2014
The 24 Blog – 3 PM – 4 PMTo all the 24 producers and writers who read this blog religiously (Anyone? Hello?) – I have a message for you.
The 24 Blog - 2 PM - 3 PMBy the time I actually sat down to write this week’s entry, it was well past noon on Tuesday.
The 24 Blog - 1 P.M. - 2 P.M. [BLOG]Did anyone feel pangs of nostalgia last night given the fact that we’re already through a quarter of the season?
24: – 11 AM – 1 PM -- Jack Is Back! [BLOG]Some things have changed – Chloe has a ton of black eye-liner, Audrey has returned from a catatonic state and James Heller now resides in the White House.

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