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Long Term Care Conference 10/12

 Increasing focus is being placed on the need for long-term care services and on     October 13 and 14th in East Lansing, a special Determining Change conference     is being held. Elaine Taverna of the Center For […]


Look Out For Health Insurance Scams

Pat Sweeting Reporting Medicare recipients are being warned to be on the lookout for shady salesmen trying to get you to sign-up for phony supplemental health insurance.


Nearing 65? Start Thinking About Medicare Now

Anne Osmer Reporting If you are less than six months away from turning 65, you need to start thinking about enrolling in Medicare.  Sorting through your options can take some time depending on what your […]


One Caregiver’s Story

The following is a Michigan caregiver’s story sent to WWJ, told in her own words. What a blessing it is to be able to give back to the one person who gave you life.  What […]


Metro Detroit Resources for Senior Transportation

Anne Osmer Reporting Are you a senior or caring for a senior who is looking for transportation resources? Getting around metro Detroit can be challenging, especially for those who don’t drive. “Transportation is a very highly […]


Study: Caregiving Strains Marriages

Anne Osmer Reporting A new study released by, a Web site that provides information to people who are caring for aging parents, found that 80 percent of baby boomers caring for an aging parent […]


A Little Help Along the ‘Road to Recovery’

Pat Sweeting Reporting We’ve often spoken about the benefits to cancer patients of being able to talk about a diagnosis such as breast cancer with others. But, what about a family member who may also be the caregiver? […]


Caregiving And Alzheimer’s Disease

(CBS) In part two of the three-part series, “Alzheimer’s: A National Crisis,” CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton discussed some of the effects of Alzheimer’s on loved ones.


Having the Conversation with Your Parent

Anne Osmer Reporting Finances. Wills. Long-term care. Housing preferences. End-of-life care. Death. Not exactly cocktail party conversation, right? When it comes to discussing these topics with a parent, they can be downright contentious. Small wonder most people avoid bringing them up.


A Day With a Home Care Nurse

Anne Osmer Reporting When I meet up with a home health care nurse to see what she does on a typical visit, I don’t know what to expect.  For most of my life I’ve generally […]