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Find the Right Home Health Care Agency For You at

Anne Osmer Reporting The U.S. government’s Web site can be a great resource for finding all kinds of information related to Medicare and what it covers, from enrollment information, to prescription drug plans, to […]


Seniors Face New Charges For In-Home Care

(AP) Rising property taxes, failing eyesight and even a tumble that cracked her tailbone haven’t forced 89-year-old Angeline DiBeneditto from the home she’s had for more than six decades. Now, though, changes in a Connecticut program […]


Mom's Movin' In: How to Make it Work

Nancy Nall Reporting In some cultures it’s common to find extended families living under the same roof; the very idea of assisted-living communities and old-age homes is unheard-of. In others, like ours, the situation is […]


Demystifying Hospice

Anne Osmer Reporting Many of us get squeamish or scared when it comes to discussing dying.  The same is true of hospice – it conjures up ideas of death that are at worst frightening, at […]


Crain's Top 5: Elder Care

Crain’s Top 5 Courtesy of Crain’s Detroit Business 2007 Book of Lists


Making Your Home Accessible

Nancy Nall Reporting It would be nice if we could all live in one-floor ranch houses with wide doorways, low thresholds and kitchen counters we could reach from a wheelchair. But we can’t, and so […]


American House and Nonprofits Working Together for Seniors

Anne Osmer Reporting Rick De Bruyne first met Winifred Young when she signed up at a local senior center for help with fall yard clean-up.  Seventy-five and living in Canton with her ailing husband, Peter, […]


What to Look for in a Long Term Care Facility

Anne Osmer Reporting Teri Clark, administrator at St. Anthony Health Care Facility in Warren, provides some tips when it comes to choosing a long term care facility


An Introduction to Senior Housing Options

Anne Osmer Reporting Unless you and your parent have planned ahead, finding housing for an aging parent can be daunting, especially if you’re thrown into a decision-making situation unexpectedly: Mom has a bad fall and […]


Reverse Mortgages

Nancy Nall Reporting   Reverse mortgages can be described as a form of piggy bank – for years, you put money in your house (the piggy bank), and eventually paid off your mortgage, or reduced […]





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