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Push For 2nd Bridge Between Detroit, Windsor Continues

Not everyone in Lansing is giving up on plans for a second bridge between Detroit and Windsor.


Gov.-elect Rick Snyder Recruits Dillon, Posthumus

It’s official. Republican Gov.-elect Rick Snyder has picked Democratic House speaker Andy Dillon to be Michigan’s next state treasurer. Snyder also named Republican former Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus as a senior adviser.


Governor-elect Rick Snyder To Announce New Members Of His Administration

Some major players will become team members with the new governor’s administration.


Andy Dillon Considered For State Treasurer

Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon, a Democrat, is under consideration to be State Treasurer in governor-elect Rick Snyder’s new administration. That’s according to WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick, who reports Dillon is “intrigued” by the […]


Building Trades Support Bernero

As the construction industry continues to lose more jobs, could the November election be the key to turning things around?


Endorsements At Dem's Unity Breakfast

Michigan Democrats stood together Friday morning — over breakfast. 


Andy Dillon Concession Speech 08/03

Democratic House Speaker Andy Dillon gives his concession speech after Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero wins the primary election.


Candidates Campaign For Votes

Seven candidates seeking to become Michigan’s next governor are crisscrossing the state in hopes of gaining the support of undecided voters in Tuesday’s primary election.


Andy Dillon 08/01

Speaker of the House Andy Dillon joins WWJ for a discussion of his candidacy for Governor of Michigan.


Poll: Bernero Leads Dillon

A new poll shows Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero apparently taking a lead over House Speaker Andy Dillon in the Democratic governor’s race.