US Restricts, EU Bans Controversial Diabetes Pill

European regulators ordered the diabetes drug Avandia off the market and the Food and Drug Administration placed stringent restrictions on its use in the United States, saying heart attack risks associated with the former blockbuster […]


Panel: Diabetes Drug Avandia To Stay On Shelves

A majority of federal health experts have voted to keep controversial diabetes pill Avandia on market, despite concerns that the drug increases the risk of heart attack compared to other diabetes medications.


Avandia Drug Trials Shut Down In India

CBS News has learned that the Indian government has ordered Glaxo Smith Kline to suspend 19 drug trials in India for the controversial diabetes drug Avandia because of recently released studies showing potential heart problems […]


FDA Debates Safety Of Avandia

FDA hearings begin today over whether the diabetes medication Avandia raises the risk of heart attacks.


FDA Spotlights Heart Risk Of Diabetes Pill

A review by federal health scientists reinforces potential ties between the diabetes pill Avandia and heart attack and death, opening the door for government action, including a possible withdrawal of the once blockbuster drug.