Charlie Sheen Owner Of Ruth Memorabilia Up For Auction [VIDEO]Charlie Sheen hasn't portrayed Babe Ruth in a film, but the actor did have two of the most prized items of Ruth memorabilia.
'Ruth, Mantle, Will Ferrell'; Ferrell Storms Spring Training [VIDEO]"When I embarked on this journey way back at breakfast," Ferrell said, "I thought to myself, 'Could I do it?' The answer is yes."
1920's Footage Of Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb Emerges As An Instructional VideoFor whatever reason -- and maybe because I'm a sports junkie -- I have found myself watching the PBS documentary baseball quite a bit.
Babe Ruth Rookie Card On Sale For $695,000Would you drop dough like this to have a piece of baseball history?
Top 3 Curses in Sports HistoryWe have come upon another Friday the 13th and so in honor of the superstitious nature of the day, here are the top three curses in sports history.
Ted Williams' 1946 Jersey Sells For $184,000 A jersey worn by Ted Williams in 1946 sold for $184,000 and a Babe Ruth model bat from 1925-27 went for more than $166,000 in live bidding this week by Hunt Auctions.

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