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'If You Work Hard Then Community College Should Be Free' Says President Obama In MichiganThe key to that path to economic recovery, the president says, is higher education.
President Obama, Jill Biden To Boost Free Education Plan During Visit To Macomb County Community CollegePresident Barack Obama is going back to college.
Obama To Speak In Warren On WednesdayPresident Barack Obama will speak at Macomb Community College, where he is expected to talk about the importance of investing in skills and growing the economy.
Michigan Officials Complying With Obama Climate PlanThe EPA seeks a 32 percent carbon dioxide reduction from plants by 2030.
Detroit Woman Deemed Oldest US Veteran Traveling To Meet President ObamaA 110-year-old woman believed to be the nation's oldest veteran will soon be making a trip to Washington D.C.
Obama To Visit Kwame Kilpatrick's Prison -- Will They Meet Again?As part of the visit, Kilpatrick is set to tour the facility in central Oklahoma, and talk with selected inmates.
11-Year-Old Michigan Boy Invited To White House For Confronting Cyberbullies On YouTubeA father-son duo wants to take the power away from cyber-bullies on YouTube and now they've got an ally in the White House.
Can Hillary Clinton Win Hearts And Minds In Michigan And Detroit? Early Signs Aren't Favorable"Detroit is a Democratic town and that's not going to change, but the question is -- at least the next question is -- which Democrat are they going to support?" Dulio said.
President Obama Uses 'N' Word In Podcast InterviewDaily Beast reviewed the interview and thought the president's seemingly casual drop of the dreaded word was carefully planned.
John Wall Thinks Justin Bieber Could Beat Barack Obama In One-On-One [VIDEO]Washington Wizard's All-Star guard John Wall was asked by TMZ who would win one-on-one between POTUS and everyone's favorite teeny bopper Justin Bieber?
Feds To Be Banned From Supplying Local Police With Military-Style Weapons, Other EquipmentSome Michigan police agencies were recipients of that equipment, which included armored vehicles, high-caliber firearms, and camouflage uniforms.
POTUS Joins Twitter; Follows Every Pro Chicago Team Except The CubsYou can't help but feel bad for the Cubs.
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