Barry Sanders

Mike Utley Still An Unstoppable Force, 24 Years After Being Paralyzed At Silverdome“Did it change my view of the game?” Barry Sanders said. “Yeah, it definitely shook me up a little bit because I’d never come face-to-face with how dangerous the game could be."
Turf From Abandoned Silverdome On Sale AgainAn online auction site is selling pieces of the turf for prices ranging from $25 to $1,000.
DTM's 3 Things That Would Make Detroit Fans SickEver wonder what it would be like to see your favorite Detroit player suit up for your team's biggest rival? Dan Leach takes a look at what three things would most likely give Motor City fans an ulcer.
Lions Locker Room Urinal Autographed By Barry Sanders Up To $1,175 On eBayIt's "a truly one of a kind piece of Detroit sports history."
For New Lion Alex Carter, Previous Connections To Team Include Mayhew, Mathis, SandersEven before the Lions selected him with the 80th overall pick in the draft, cornerback Alex Carter had some connections to the team.
Nike Designs Shoe For Barry Sanders [PHOTO]Former Oklahoma State Cowboy and Detroit Lion Barry Sanders is getting a new shoe just for him -- even after his playing career is over.
Barry Sanders Appears In 'I Believe' World Cup Commercial [VIDEO]The World Cup is right around the corner and every sports TV channel is prepping for the big event.
Barry Sanders And Chris Webber Star In Commercial For Not Winning A Ring [VIDEO]Foot Locker is ready for the NBA playoffs and the chase for the ring.
Was Barry Sanders Texting Or Sleeping?Was Barry Sanders, the former Detroit Lions great, texting during the ceremony or unceremoniously napping?
Lions Fan Beat Up In Philly Opens Up About Incident, Lifelong FandomThe Lions apparel that evidently incited so much violence from the Philadelphia fans included a jersey of legendary Detroit running back Barry Sanders.
Reggie Bush Says He's Trying To Emulate Barry Sanders"Barry Sanders, he did it all," Bush said. "I think just about every kid who grew up watching him. He's just a joy to watch. I love watching him. I try to pattern my game after him, try to run like him. He did it all."
When Will Megatron Be Considered Better Than Barry?For some the quick reflex answer is ‘never’ and for others it’s as easy just not quitting on the team.
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