Aaryn competes in the Power of Veto competition on BIG BROTHER, Wednesday, July 24, on the CBS Television Network. (credit: screengrab/CBS)

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 13: Aaryn Rises To HOH

Deny and deflect when confrontation happens or else karma will come back tenfold.


(credit: CBS)

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 12: America Is BBMVP

America got it all wrong with the BBMVP vote. I can’t say I didn’t try. I wanted Amanda voted for the nominations but that failed.

CBS 62–07/25/2013

(credit: CBS)

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 11: Judd Is HOH King

J-U-Double D, Party Darty is in power and we finally got to see where his head is in this game. It’s official, Howard and Candice are in a showmance, according to CBS.


(credit: CBS)

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 10: It’s Over For Jeremy

Seemed like Julie Chen was getting tongue tied on last night’s episode. Isn’t it ironic for Aaryn to talk about discrimination when she’s been doing discriminating for the past three weeks.

CBS 62–07/19/2013

(credit: CBS)

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 9: No Surprises Here

Our fellow Michigander said it best for last night’s episode. “@DanGheesling: Too much crying. Need more moves and back stabbing. Quickly. What is this?!? #BB15.”


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Big Brother Season 15 Episode 8 Recap: A House Divided

As the saying goes, “We’re not all cookie cutter,” and this applies for Big Brother. Love to hate or hate to love, it’s getting viewers to watch the show.

CBS 62–07/15/2013

(credit: CBS)

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 7 Recap: Helen’s Campaign Trail

Such a great episode of Big Brother! The power once again has changed and in this episode there was some cheers, tears and some social justice.

CBS 62–07/12/2013

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Big Brother Season 15 Episode 6 Recap: Jeremy Pulls Rank

We had a special guest on last night’s episode of Big Brother right before the competition. I didn’t know who to expect. The CBS Facebook & Twitter Page gave us a clue.

CBS 62–07/11/2013

(credit: CBS)

Big Brother 15 Episode 5 Recap: Aaryn Seeks Revenge

Clownie has entered the Big Brother house! Are you excited for the newest edition to the house or slightly frightened?


(credit: CBS)

Big Brother 15 Episode 4 Recap: A Surprising Exit

Looks like Elissa lived to see another day in the Big Brother house. Did anyone see the McCrae and Amanda showmance coming?

CBS 62–07/08/2013