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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 22 Recap: House Of Lies & Manipulation

Otev makes a return into the Big Brother House! His return couldn’t come at a better time as the house is all in shambles from Frankie’s house of lies.


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11 Funny Reactions On Twitter After The PGA Championship Delays ‘Big Brother’

The top reactions from Big Brother Fans when the PGA Championship delayed Big Brother.


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Big Brother 16 Episode 21 Recap: Frankie The Safe Loser

Last night’s episode of Big Brother was explosive with war of words, backstabbing, struggles, defeat and triumphing over those who are against one’s own game.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 20 Recap: Double Eviction Night

Almost to the half way point and this season of Big Brother finally got interesting! Nicole got blindsided tonight and I hope our Michigander can fight to live another week!


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 19 Recap: Christine’s Revenge

Look who’s the Fruit Loop Dingus now? It could be Caleb & Victoria being chained together for 48 hours dressed as Adam & Eve. Or it could be Jocasta for talking a big game but lacking any follow through.


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‘Survivor’ Premiere and ‘Big Brother’ Finale To Each Feature 90-Minute Episodes

CBS’s Premiere Week Wednesday features an all-reality lineup that includes a big season opener and climactic finale.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 18 Recap: Nicole is Over Zankie

It looked to be a nail-biter finish for the HOH competition when we last saw the houseguests. However it was over before we knew it.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 17 Recap: Amber Takes The High Road

I was really sad to see Jocasta not going home this week. It was Amber, the Esthetician from North Hollywood, CA that went home.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 16 Recap: Amber’s Blindside Nomination

Team America had failed to play puppet master and cause an argument at the nomination ceremony.


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Big Brother Season 16 Episode 15 Recap: Zach On The Attack

Finally we almost had some chaos in the house again! I was starting to get bored with the season because nothing crazy (other than Devin) was happening in the house.





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