Snyder, Schauer Spar Over Fairness Of Tax RewriteNo issue may better illustrate the gulf between the candidates than the tax changes, which the governor signed on his 145th day in office.
Officials: Corporate Tax Case Could Cost Michigan $1 BillionA recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling in favor of IBM in a corporate tax case could have "budget-busting" impact, the AG says.
Big Businesses Spend $7M To Keep Tax Cut IntactBig business has spent nearly $7 million promoting Proposal 1 in the last few weeks, even though there’s no organized opposition.
Michigan Voters To Decide Fate Of Business Tax CutProposal 1, the only statewide question on the Aug. 5 ballot, would end a tax on manufacturing and small business equipment.
Deal Assures Cities Not Hurt By Business Tax CutThe business tax cuts were enacted by Gov. Rick Snyder and legislators at the end of 2012 but will be halted if a statewide vote fails in August.
Mich. Legislature OKs Business Property Tax RepealLegislation aiming to eliminate several hundred million dollars in taxes businesses annually pay on equipment is on its way to the governor.
Leaders Revise Business Property Tax-Cut MeasureLeaders from the governor's office and the Legislature on Tuesday introduced a new plan to eliminate the taxes businesses pay on computers and equipment used in the manufacturing process, but it would require voter approval.
State Senate Passes Personal Property Tax CutsThe Michigan Senate has passed a contentious set of bills that would roll back the personal property taxes businesses pay by hundreds of millions of dollars.
Local Officials Skeptical Of Michigan Biz Tax CutsRepublican lawmakers have long wanted to get rid of a tax on equipment they say is keeping manufacturers from hiring more workers. But there's a hitch, since many local officials don't trust lawmakers to make up the lost funds.
Business Taxes Again On Mich. Lawmakers' AgendaFresh off lowering Michigan's overall business taxes in a bid to boost economic growth, Republicans will aim to eliminate or phase out a state tax paid on business equipment in 2012.
Calley Signs Latest Michigan Business Tax BillsLt. Gov. Brian Calley has signed the final package of new Michigan laws for 2011.
Snyder: Simpler Biz Tax Already Creating Jobs

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