C. elegans

A c. elegans worm of the type used in the aging study. University of Michigan photo

UM Studies Link Between Life Span, Oxidative Stress

ANN ARBOR — Why do we age, and what makes some of us live longer than others?  For decades, researchers have been trying to answer these questions by elucidating the molecular causes of aging. One of […]

WWJ Newsradio 950–07/19/2012

Green and yellow fluorescence mark the processes and cell bodies of some C. elegans neurons. University of Michigan photo

Tiny Worms Change Direction Using Human-Like Neural Circuits

A University of Michigan biologist and his colleagues have found that the strategies used by the tiny C. elegans roundworm to control its motions are remarkably similar to those used by the human brain to command movement of eyes, arms and legs.

WWJ Newsradio 950–11/10/2011